Lightweight performance in demanding conditions

Lift off with less

A combination of properties such as elevated temperature performance and chemical resistance of PAEK polymers are well suited for aircraft engine applications. Combined with design freedom and the potential to improve manufacturing efficiencies, make a compelling case to replace metal with PEEK and PAEK polymeric solutions.

Loaded brackets


Freedom of design and weight savings in bracket applications

For parts requiring mechanical performance that cannot be achieved with injected moulded solutions alone, aerospace engineers can rely on overmoulded composite solutions made from VICTREX AE™ 250 LMPAEK. Efficient manufacturing, weight savings up to 60%, and up to 5x specific strength vs. metal are just a few of the benefits of replacing metal with hybrid overmolded solutions.

Lightweight VICTREX PEEK and PAEK-based solutions contribute to more fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly aircraft, faster assembly times, greater reliability, and lower operating and manufacturing costs.
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2019 JEC Aerospace Innovation Award recognises herone and development
partners Victrex and TU Dresden for major breakthrough in time and cost-efficient production of complex aircraft parts.
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Design guidelines

Designing hybrid parts with VICTREX AE 250 LMPAEK has the potential to reduce scrap rates, cycle times, part count, and buy-to-fly ratios.

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How thermoplastic composites are helping aerospace OEMs to soar ahead of the curve.
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Hybrid Overmoulding

Hybrid technology allows engineers to overmould a VICTREX AE™ 250 LMPAEK-based composite with fibre-reinforced injection molding PEEK polymers. Hybrid solutions can help reduce system costs and optimise buy-to-fly ratios verses metals and thermosets.

VICTREX AE™ 250 LMPAEK composite material solutions combined with advanced manufacturing processes such as hybrid overmoulding or automated fibre placement offer an attractive combination of cost reductions, weight savings, design freedom, strength, and production speed in next-generation components.

Aircraft Interior

Our high-performance PEEK and PAEK-based polymer solutions offer an exceptional combination of benefits to help aerospace OEMs, designers and processors reach new levels of cost savings, quality, and performance. Victrex solutions help lower weight, improve buy-to-fly ratios, and provide design freedom to optimise the design and consolidate parts resulting in reduced and or simplified installation, lower part count, and lighter components.

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