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Webinar: How to design drug delivery devices with PEEK

Victrex PEEK polymers provide an inert material that offers a range of high attributes for mechanical, chemical, or electrical performance in applications such as inhalers, wearable patch pumps and autoinjector insulin pens.

Patient adherance insulin pen

How everyone wins when patient compliance is achieved

What do patients need so they like to use the devices? A suitable lightweight device is one that is reliable and most of all safe and simple to use. Whether at home or at work, the solution must accurately dispense the right amount of drug at the right location at the right time.

Wearable patch drug delivery technology PEEK

3 key factors to consider for material selection

Material selection is critical for medical device designs. This includes drug delivery – whether the device is implantable or not. There are in fact quite a few materials available on the market that are successfully used in drug delivery devices and selecting the right materials can be a bigger challenge than originally thought.

Active implantable medical device cochlear implant

How implantable electronic medical devices can help improve patient outcomes and lower treatment costs

Implantable or wearable drug delivery devices such as insulin pumps, used in the treatment of diabetes, could make a major contribution to the improvement of medication adherence. The current trend for these devices is to become less invasive, with smaller dimensions and parts miniaturised to precise tolerances.

We challenged product engineers Tricas to design next-generation drug delivery devices with PEEK
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Discover how it can wearable drug delivery devices can be enhanced with high performance polymers
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Victrex PEEK polymer girl checking glucose levels with wearable monitor
A guide to PEEK polymers in drug delivery device engineering
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Discover how PEEK could be used in next generation respiratory and drug delivery to the lungs in this inhaler concept
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"All established injectable device manufacturers that we are aware of have at least one form of wearable injector in their portfolio.

The device concepts which push drugs from standard pharmaceutical cartridges are likely to feature strongly in the future marketplace.

Alternative devices will have a bright future where they can demonstrate an
advantage such as a smaller or more elegant form factor or better usability."
Tom Oakley
Director of Drug Delivery Science
"PEEK is a material that many medical and drug delivery device OEMs reach for because of its well documented acceptance in predicate implantable and surgical devices."
Donna Bibber
Miniaturization Subject Matter Expert
Isometric Micro Molding, Inc.
"Patients expect their medical devices to look and behave in the same way that their consumer devices do.

Developments in battery charging, Bluetooth connectivity &
miniaturization have the potential to shake up innovation in medical and smart health technology.

Advanced materials have a part to play in improving the ergonomics of devices, and providing an experience to patients that supports and encourages medicines adherence."
Adam Salmen
Strategic Marketer

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