Bringing innovation to your consumer electronics design

Push forward to faster, lighter, smarter

Victrex has led PAEK-based innovation delivering reliable and high-performance solutions that support faster time to market. 

Better design flexibility, performance and reliability

Victrex APTIV Films speaker diaphragm

Solving key challenges in micro speaker design

APTIV films have proven success in providing reliability and acoustic performance for micro-speaker diaphragms. APTIV DBX films, a new addition to high performing APTIV film series, provide tighter thickness tolerances to enable consistent and reliable acoustic performance in micro speakers by achieving a more reproducible F0 whilst minimising THD(Total Harmonic Distortion).

PEEK Virtual Reality Headset

Go thinner, lighter, and smarter 

Demands for higher structural integrity, reliability, mobility and connectivity are all shaping the way electronic components are designed. More OEMs and brands are specifying Victrex polymer solutions including APTIV films to reach new levels of performance and enhance user experience. 


Supporting the new era of boundless, seamless connectivity 

Durable in extreme environments, VICTREX PEEK offers stable dielectric properties (Dk, Df) over a wide range of temperatures, humidities, and frequencies. It also offers reliable performance with proven resistance to heat, wear, and chemicals, coupled with low moisture absorption and dimensional stability to support key applications for 5G. 

Advance battery performance

Achieving reliable battery performance with minimal risks of failures or defects is crucial. Victrex can help you address challenges in adapting new battery technologies from concept to commercialisation.  


APTIV DBX™can provide benefits of improved consistency and higher yield for the micro-speakers

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PEEK granule
Technical guide

The unique combination of VICTREX PEEK properties can bring reliable performance in demanding environments

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5 factors to consider when injection molding VICTREX PEEK polymers to help you avoid troubleshooting
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Apply the VICTREX PEEK advantages in battery applications

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APTIV films can give you the versatility and high-performance address complex demands and design future electronic devices
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APTIV films can help you advance the speaker design in various electronic devices
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Make a difference with APTIV Films

High performance VICTREX APTIV films provide benefits of PEEK polymer in a thin format. Learn more how APTIV films can help advance the future electronics devices and technologies, and how we can help you go even further.

Victrex Electronics

Replacing key metal components such as impellers in home appliances with high-performing VICTREX PAEK solutions can help achieve improvement in cost-saving, energy efficiency, and compact design while not compromising reliable performance – even for rotation at speeds in excess of 100,000 rpm.

Victrex PEEK

The development and production of smaller and smarter chips with more data storage and increased functionality is an ever-present trend driving the semiconductor industry. CMP Retainer rings made with VICTREX PEEK can provide longer operating time- meaning less downtime and an up to 3% productivity increase compared to PPS rings.

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