Discover the next-generation PEEK polymer-based solutions that are extending the scope of oil & gas exploration

Boosting the performance in harsh environments

Durable VICTREX PEEK polymer-based solutions can enhance efficiency and reliability in hot, corrosive environments

Extend the scope of oil & gas exploration

Victrex sealing solutions

Sealing systems - avoid costly downtime

Effective sealing is often the difference between a safe, long-lasting, efficient operation and costly downtime. VICTREX™ PEEK has been a material of choice in this industry for 40+ years as a primary seal, back-up ring where reliability is critical. Proven 450G™ PEEK-based sealing solutions can extend the lifetime of installations and improving recovery in corrosive, HPHT environments .


Electrical connectors - greater reliability and performance

VICTREX HT™ and VICTREX ST™ polymer materials are increasingly being selected by connector OEMs to improve application performance, achieve more design freedom, and reduce downtime and system costs.

  • Higher insulation resistance than glass 
  • Insulation integrity to negate electrical leakage
  • Great impact resistance for longer service life
Victrex PEEK compressor components

Compressor components - lighter, quieter, longer life

Driven by stringent industry requirements for longer-life parts and reduce downtimes, VICTREX PEEK solutions delivers a unique combination of properties for compressor components.

  • Decrease maintenance cost & lower material weight
  • Integrity in harsh chemicals & fluids
  • Durability in mechanical & wear environments
APTIV Thermoplastics in energy insulation

Electrical insulation - greater integrity and durability

As operating conditions become more extreme, with unparalleled electrical, mechanical chemical and humidity resistance properties,  energy engineers are choosing APTIV thermoplastic film as a reliable technical solution for electrical insulation. 

  • Improve safety and reliability with an electrical relative thermal index of 240°C (464°F)
  • Reduce integrity losses with excellent humidity and chemical resistance
  • Design thinner insulation that can handle a high power density
Victrex PEEK Ware ring components

Wear ring components - less energy consumption with more uptime

Traditionally, wear ring components have been made from metallic materials such as bronze, stainless steel and cast iron, but VICTREX PEEK polymer-based composite materials can be use as a metal replacement resulting in enhance process reliability, greater energy efficiency and a consequent cost saving. 

  • Better wear resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Non-galling or seizing



The World's First DNV GL RP F119 Qualified Thermoplastic Composite Pipes Made from VICTREX™ PEEK

Wear Component 

The use of Victrex’s APTIV™ film for the slot liner material has enabled Equipmake to improve thermal management and produce an indirect water-cooled stator in our APM 200 with the same high performance as the previous direct oil-cooled design. Equipmake will be bringing this motor to production in 2020.
Victrex employee working a cryogenic machine

Improving cryogenic performance with VICTREX CT™ polymers

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Cryogenic VICTREX CT polymer selected by Advanced Engineering Valves after meeting Shell MESC specifications
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Oil rig

Learn more about how Victrex is pushing boundaries towards future performance in oil and gas industry

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DNV GL RP F119 Qualified Thermoplastic Composite Pipes Made from VICTREX™ PEEK
Are thermoplastic composite pipes suitable for subsea operations in Brazil's pre-salt region?
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