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Fluid handling

At Victrex, we work together with our manufacturing and equipment OEMs customers to help develop metal replacement solutions that address the demands of today and megatrends affecting tomorrow.

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Power systems

Victrex polymers have been used to develop robust power system applications to drive performance up and cost down in components including coatings, wire and cable, and electrical insulation. 

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Refrigeration compressors

Deliver an unmatched combination of efficiency, noise reduction, reliability and more effective use of space with VICTREX PAEK solutions. Discharge valves made from VICTREX™ PEEK are 39% lighter than metal components and are proven to increase CoP by 2.9%.



VICTREX PEEK replaces metals and other materials in an array of components used in pumps for the industrial, chemical and processing industries. With its outstanding mechanical properties, chemical resistance and excellent processability, VICTREX PEEK withstands extreme pressures and continuous temperatures of up to 500°F (260°C), delivering enhanced performance that results in longer service life and reduced downtime.

High performance random packing
made with VICTREX™ PEEK by Sulzer

Sulzer NeXRing

Sulzer NeXRing™ made with VICTREX™ PEEK is the latest high performance random packing that provides large and uniform open area in every ring orientation allowing a high surface exposure to liquid and vapor while minimizing dry zones.

Combining Victrex expertise in the material and its processing with Sulzer’s knowledge in mass transfer application, the NeXRing provides improved hydraulic performance compared to earlier generation random packing types with the same separation efficiency and is especially designed for corrosive applications at high temperatures.

Refrigerant compressors and Global Warming

Can the metal components in your compressors cope with harsh, flammable refrigerants such as ammonia?
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Keeping your equipment working overtime
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Industrial automation Victrex PEEK
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Industry 4.0: The material performance challenge
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ZYEX Fibre solutions
Fibre solutions for the toughest environments
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Thermoplastic PEEK fibres 

Braided, woven, knitted, twisted or needled, ZYEX™ FIBRES provide all the benefits of VICTREX PEEK in fibre form

VICTREX™ PEEK  & thermoplastic hybrid gears offer an alternative to metal planetary system gearboxes. The high precision, tight tolerance and repeatability enables unconstrained cobot engineering design freedom.


VICTREX FG™ polymer series are compliant with major food and water contact regulations and standards. Safe in the knowledge that these materials comply with applicable regulatory requirements, product managers, designers, engineers and project managers can use the series to facilitate their design choices

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