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Maximising customer value

Working together from concept stage to product launch we can go beyond small measures and truly create solutions that give our customers real competitive advantage.

Pushing the boundaries
to improve vehicle performance

In environments where temperatures, friction, parasitic losses and loads are high, fluids are aggressive and NVH becomes an issue – that’s where VICTREX™ PEEK polymer solutions and VICTREX HPG™ gears can provide considerable benefits.
automotive shift forks

Structural and mechanical strength

In shift fork applications, VICTREX PEEK offers an excellent combination of dynamic fatigue strength and wear resistance enabling functional integration by reducing complexity and supporting total system cost-effectiveness and help achieve CO₂ targets with an up to 70% weight reduction potential vs. metal.

seal rings

Reliable operation and improved efficiency in powertrain seals

Selecting the right material is a key criteria to cost-effectively ensure reliable operation in high-load, high-temperature spaces, improve efficiency and enable smooth assembly.

bearing applications

VICTREX™ PEEK - Where you really don’t want wear

Tribological performance is essential to efficiency and reliability in bearings, particularly in mixed lubrications conditions. In thrust washers, bushings and bearing cages VICTREX PEEK can provide excellent wear performance across a range of velocity and pressure scenarios, improved NVH in plain bearings, and potential for component downsizing.

improved NVH with VICTREX HPG™ gears

Victrex gear solutions provide opportunities in mass balance systems to reach quieter and more efficient engines never thought possible by design teams in the past. Our webinar highlights durability and NVH data as well as cost saving potential. 
VICTREX PEEK seal rings
Find out more about our comprehensive range of PEEK grades for use in seal ring applications
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Explore the VICTREX AS 110 data sheet for use e.g. in seal rings
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When traditional processing is not an option...

Improved technologies for additive manufacturing and new AM optimised VICTREX™ PAEK polymers can help design engineers to enjoy greater design freedom, accelerate time to market, all with improved economics.

The automotive powertrain is quickly becoming electrified. In the new automotive world where efficient powertrains, increased range, faster charging, and superior customer experiences in a cost-effective way are required automotive designers are looking to VICTREX™ PEEK to demonstrate superior benefits to traditional solutions.


Environmental legislations are driving the need for light weight, yet mechanically strong and chemically resistant solutions with enhanced performance over lifetime to support vehicle safety and driving comfort. VICTREX PEEK based solutions have a proven track record in supporting industry leaders in the most demanding applications.

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