Insight into next-generation solutions


Insight into next-generation solutions


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Victrex proactively works with customers to understand their needs and provides expertise on how to turn your challenges into benefits. Whitepapers on our newest innovations and developments are a great resource to reference. Download a Victrex whitepaper to see what we are working on within your industry.

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Add View NORSOK M710 Whitepaper

VICTREX™ PEEK meets NORSOK M710 compliance and continues to aggressively test its polymers in support of industry-leading test standards

Add View Assessing PEEK Polymer Performance in Hot and Sour Oil and Gas Environments

This paper discusses the importance of looking beyond the minimum requirements of standard test protocols to better understand performance in harsh environments, and what data you should be asking for from your material or shapes suppliers.

Add View Performance and Simulation of a Thermoplastic PAEK Hybrid Composite System

The paper presents material behavior and the development of simulation methods for modeling a hybrid system. The results present test data and simulation results for both plaques and a bracket constructed using the hybrid molding technology.

Add View Improving Cryogenic Valve Performance with VICTREX CT™ 100 Polymer Sealing Systems

The paper discusses the performance benefits of the polymer compared to incumbent fluoropolymers as well as the trends in the cryogenic sealing market.

Add View Hot Runner Technical Paper

This paper explores an innovative solution to eliminate waste and drive higher yields in consumer electronics using using VICTREX PEEK polymer and Husky's hot runner system.

Add View Victrex FG™ Whitepaper

Three things to consider for reliable regulatory-compliant food applications

Add View Improving cryogenic performance with Victrex CT™ Polymers

The paper introduces some possible selection criteria for polymers used at very low temperatures and explains performance on a molecular as well as macro level.

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