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Innovative PEEK solutions can offer new ways to solve complex challenges in renewable energy

Metal replacement solutions for renewable energy application

Reliability for the next generation of renewables technology


Wind energy - improve efficiency from the inside

The wind turbine industry continues to seek higher power, increased torque density, improved reliability, and greater worker safety. VICTREX™ PEEK polymer solutions can help create key components that deliver improved strength/weight ratio, excellent wear performance, design freedom and weight savings.

Victrex PEEK solutions used in Hydrogen sealing tanks

Hydrogen energy - safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions

Victrex PEEK-based components have been used in existing infrastructure for distribution of gases including hydrogen for many years. Adaptation of existing PEEK-based sealing, isolation, and compression technologies is anticipated to be a practical means to realize the energy transition to hydrogen on an accelerated timeline. These benefits, technical attributes, and an existing manufacturing base of processors/moulders, tier 1 suppliers, and OEMs should enable rapid scalable production. 

Nuclear power plant

Nuclear energy - excellent resistance to radiation

VICTREX PEEK polymer has excellent radiation resistance and electrical properties across a wide range of temperatures. In addition, its superior mechanical strength, good chemical resistance, low moisture absorption and excellent hydrolysis resistance make it a good choice for cable coverings and conductive wire insulation system in the nuclear power industry.

Victrex-Energy-VICTREX PAEK for Carbon Capture CCUS
VICTREX PAEK polymers: Supporting Energy Transition to Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)
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hydrogen tank
The future of hydrogen: Why VICTREX PEEK is anticipated to support energy transition to hydrogen
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Wind turbine
Learn more the benefits of VICTREX PEEK solutions that can be applied in the wind applications improving the performance.
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Metal alternative

Making the choice to specify metal alternatives like VICTREX PEEK polymer allows engineers to enjoy greater design freedom and improved performance in harsh operation conditions

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