Helping accelerate innovation with reliable performance for Semiconductor fabs

Proven record of success for Semicon applications

Victrex helps shape the future performance of semiconductor technologies by offering increased productivity, reliability and reduced risks by lower particle generation and outgassing.

Push the boundaries at fabs for better reliability and productivity



Less downtime for maintenance means more throughput with VICTREX PEEK CMP retainer rings

High wear resistance allows CMP retainer rings made from VICTREX PEEK to run up to two times longer than PPS before replacing, leading to less downtime and more throughput.


Reliable performance in FOUPs and wafer carriers

The properties of VICTREX PEEK polymers including wear and chemical resistance, dimensional stability, ESD, and low outgassing can help prevent particle contamination and achieve more reliable wafer handling, storage, and transfer.


Minimise damage and contamination of reticles 

VICTREX PEEK gives reticles the opportunity to be stored in an environment with low outgassing and low ionic contamination.


The semiconductor industry is moving toward high volume production and shorter time to market. VICTREX PEEK has a proven performance in key semicon applications from CMP retainer rings, RSPs, EUV pods, FOUPs, wafer carriers, test sockets, and more.


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VICTREX PEEK polymer solutions can enable your valuable assets to run longer and more efficiently 
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Victrex can help you reduce downtime, defects and costs in fabs

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Explore the APTIV Film advantage

APTIV Films with all the benefits of VICTREX PEEK Polymer in a thin-film format can be applied in key applications for Semicon and display manufacturing such as wafer carriers and transport tapes. 

Electronics Consumerism

Demands for higher structural integrity, reliability, mobility, and connectivity are all shaping the way electronic components are designed. More OEMs and brands are specifying Victrex polymer solutions including APTIV films to reach new levels of performance and enhance user experience.

Victrex Electronics

Replacing key metal components such as impellers in home appliances with high-performing VICTREX PAEK solutions can help achieve improvement in cost-saving, energy efficiency, and compact design while not compromising reliable performance – even for rotation at speeds in excess of 100,000 rpm.

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