Design more with less

Enabling your home appliance design to go lighter, faster and more durable

From challenges to performance benefits

Victrex provides a range of material solutions that can help you address the challenges and accelerate innovation in your home appliance design. 

Achieve design flexibility for future innovation


Less weight and energy, more performance in vacuum cleaners

Applying VICTREX PEEK for impellers and bearing cages in vacuum cleaner motors can help maintain suction performance and reliability at high-speed rotation with less weight and lower power consumption.


Improve airflow for faster hair dry

The enhanced properties of key motor components made from VICTREX PEEK allow for high-speed operation (faster than 100,000 rpm) with minimum deformation.

freedom to reimagine design 

VICTREX PEEK polymer offers a combination of properties including excellent resistance to wear, high temperature, a wide variety of chemicals, creep, hydrolysis, and more. Learn more about the design flexibility VICTREX PEEK polymer can offer for your next-generation home appliance. 


Check out 8 ways to make waves in your hair dryer design with VICTREX PEEK polymers

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Explore how Victrex solutions can help your home appliance design.

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PEEK granule

Learn more about the benefits that VICTREX PEEK solutions can bring

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Replacing metal components with lightweight VICTREX PEEK-based components can accelerate innovation in vacuum cleaner design

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Can advanced materials pave the way to address challenges for vacuum cleaners and home appliances?

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Injection molding PEEK

Check out the five factors to consider when molding PEEK polymer to avoid the need for troubleshooting while helping to reach the full potential of your home appliance design.


Electronics Consumerism

Demands for higher structural integrity, reliability, mobility, and connectivity are all shaping the way electronic components are designed. More OEMs and brands are specifying Victrex polymer solutions including APTIV films to reach new levels of performance and enhance user experience.

Victrex PEEK

The development and production of smaller and smarter chips with more data storage and increased functionality is an ever-present trend driving the semiconductor industry. CMP retainer rings made with VICTREX PEEK can provide longer operating time- meaning less downtime and an up to 3% productivity increase compared to PPS rings.

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