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PAEK-based composites engineered to accelerate and expand markets within focus industries.

A leader in PAEK based composite materials and solutions

Victrex are employing innovative PAEK-based composites to accelerate and expand markets within focus industries, working with customers to define solutions to address specific and unmet needs. Our composite solutions offer good performance in mechanically demanding applications, as well as lower weight, reliability, durability and reduced manufacturing costs.

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Advanced PAEK Composite Solutions

VICTREX™ PAEK-based composites are the solution of choice for applications that demand the performance of PEEK, combined with increased mechanical properties. The result is a composite material that offers comparable performance with metals as well as many additional benefits.
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Mechanical Strength

More than ten times higher impact strength and damage tolerance compared to thermosets.


Tailored Performance

Consistent quality and tight tolerance contribute to predictable, tailorable performance including localised reinforcements.


Weight Savings

Fatigue resistance and strength are comparable to metals with weight savings up to 60% lighter compared to metals and metal alloys.

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Long-term reliability due to excellent fatigue and creep resistance.


Fatigue Performance

Up to 50x greater fatigue resistance vs metals typically used in anatomic trauma plates.

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Chemical Resistance

Greater durability in harsh chemical environments compared to metals.

Innovative composite solutions for demanding applications

Enhanced application performance, the need for reliability and durability combined with the need for reduced manufacturing costs and speed to market are key drivers in composite application development. These trends are supporting the proliferation of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites.
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VICTREX AE™ 250 LMPAEK composite material technology is being adopted in aerospace applications as metal and thermoset replacements due to the increased need for aerospace composite technologies to provide faster throughput, better performance, higher mechanical properties, and cost reductions.

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Victrex has worked in partnership with Magma Global to develop PEEK composite capability, expertise, and solutions, which has enabled Magma to create m-pipe®, a reliable subsea pipe with greater durability, long-term reliability, and lighter weight for jumpers, risers, and flowlines.

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Victrex’s medical company, Invibio, is currently the only biomaterial solutions provider with the capabilities to commercialize PEEK-based trauma devices. Invibio works with its partners to overcome design and manufacturing challenges by offering comprehensive assistance, including design for manufacturing, prototyping, validation, and production services.

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Designing hybrid parts with VICTREX AE™ 250 LMPAEK has the potential to reduce scrap rates, cycle times, part count, and buy-to-fly ratios.
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Pipe solutions
Victrex PAEK-based composites solutions provide lightweight, high strength, and durable solutions for Oil and Gas.
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Medical solutions
50x greater fatigue life than equivalent metal plates can increase the window of opportunity for healing to occur.
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VICTREX AE™ 250 LMPAEK unidirectional tape provides a larger processing window which helps improve press consolidation and forming.
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Victrex Sustainable Solutions Aero
Single-aisle planes made vastly by light-weight composites could play a major role in addressing climate change.
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