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PEEK-based product forms for enhanced performance in critical applications  

Meeting key engineering requirements with PEEK forms

PEEK-based pipes, films, fibres, coatings and composites incorporate all of the outstanding properties of VICTREX™ PEEK polymer in multiple formats, enabling customers to meet increasing performance demands and providing design freedom to drive innovation.


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Downstream solution for future performance 

Our VICTREX PEEK-based downstream solutions provide our customers with a competitive advantage in key markets, driving differentiation and versatility. 

APTIV film provides unmatched durability and reliability in the most demanding application environments. It incorporates all of the outstanding properties of VICTREX™ PEEK polymer in a thin-film format. Its balance of properties makes it the highest performing, most versatile thermoplastic film available on the market.

Victrex Composites Solutions
Composite Tapes

Victrex are employing innovative PAEK-based composites to accelerate and expand markets within focus industries, working with customers to define solutions to address specific and unmet needs. Our composite solutions offer good performance in mechanically demanding applications, as well as lower weight, reliability, durability and reduced manufacturing costs.

ZYEX™ Fibres
VICTREX Pipes™ Solutions 

From the ocean floor to outer space—long-term reliability of thermoplastic pipes in demanding operating conditions is the key to sustainable success. With all of the benefits of VICTREX™ PEEK polymer in a pipe and tube format, VICTREX Pipes are a proven alternative to metal that can help enhance system performance.

Victrex ZYEX™ Fibres
ZYEX™ Fibres 

Across multiple industries there’s an increasing need for fibre solutions that can resist abrasion and chemical attack, at elevated temperatures. ZYEX™ Fibres can be used in diverse applications, from monofilaments for braided electrical cable protection to noise suppression fabrics for jet engines, to sports racket strings.


VICOTE™ Coatings improve the wear performance and life of the coated part. Available in powder or aqueous dispersions, our VICTREX™ PEEK-based thermoplastic coatings can be easily applied to different part geometries, delivering excellent performance across a broad range of temperatures.

VICTREX AM™ 200 PAEK filament

VICTREX AM™ 200 PAEK filament has been specifically developed by Victrex for use in additive manufacturing with the approach to redesign the polymer at the molecular level, achieving better prints without using additives or plasticisers. The new material is designed to improve the 3D printing results of PAEK for stronger, more stable parts compared to PEEK. 

Security of supply

Victrex invests in polymer production ahead of demand to meet our customers needs. This is combined with our upstream integration of key raw materials, which ensure quality and supply control. 

Transforming industries

Find out how VICTREX PEEK delivers innovation in focus industries.


Aircraft rely on Victrex solutions.
Aerospace solutions

500+ million

VICTREX™ PEEK based parts in automotive applications.
Automotive solutions

4+ billion

Mobile devices use APTIV™ acoustic film.
Electronic solutions

75+ million

VICTREX™ PEEK seals in use today.
Energy solutions
100+ million
Machines operate using Victrex solutions.
Industrial solutions
~15 million
Implanted devices worldwide use Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymers.
Medical solutions

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