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Unlocking the possibilities of PEEK & PAEK 3D printing

Unlocking the possibilities for 3D printing PEEK and PAEK

We are at the fore of PAEK innovation, working with industry pioneers to meet unrealised needs

The benefits of using VICTREX PEEK polymer for 3D printing

Improved technologies for 3D printing of VICTREX™ PEEK and PAEK-based polymers can open up a range of possibilities for design engineers. Potential benefits include:
3D printing of VICTREX™ PEEK and PAEK-based polymer
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Greater design freedom

enabling the production of highly complex, customised components


Accelerated speed to market

with digital design and fabrication of PAEK parts for rapid prototyping.

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Improved economics

from reduced machining waste, assembly steps, and capital intensity.


High performance

All the benefits high-performance PAEK polymer combined with the benefits of additive manufacturing.


Stronger parts

New AM optimised materials and advancing machine technology both contribute to stronger parts.

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Improved printing

with polymers offering less warp in filament fusion than traditional PEEK polymers.

VICTREX AMTM 200 Filament

New performance options in 3D printing high-performance polymers.

Is additive manufacturing with PAEK polymer right for you?

Do you have parts in the ideal range?

3DP matrix

Optimising high-performance thermoplastics for 3D printing

VICTREXTM PEEK and PAEK polymers are capable of being processed in a number of additive manufacturing processes and are available in a number of product forms including granules, powder, filament, and composite prepreg.
Filament is fed into a print head within a heated chamber that melts and deposits the polymer on the print surface. Known challenges in 3D printing PEEK have been z-axis strength, inter-layer adhesion, consistent crystallinity, and dimensional stability during printing. Victrex' new VICTREX AM™ 200 PAEK filament addresses these challenges.

Emerging technologies promise to merge the benefits of additive manufacturing with PAEK thermoplastic composites. Victrex is a leader in PAEK composite technology, providing new PAEK polymers optimised for composites, aerospace grade UD tape prepregs, and parts fabrication from Victrex Composites.


Working together to solve the toughest 3D printing and additive manufacturing challenges.

Victrex has developed new PAEK materials that have been optimised for additive manufacturing, including filament fusion (FF) and laser sintering (LS). These new VICTREX™ PAEK polymer solutions have been developed as filaments and fine powder respectively. In LS, the new polymer grades have shown encouragingly low refresh rates, improving the recycle of unsintered powder, while maintaining good mechanical properties. In FF they have displayed improved mechanical properties and printability.

Successfully printing parts requires an eco-system of solutions including the right materials, a capable machine, design, and additive manufacturing process know-how. We are working to establish a more complete set of solutions for 3D printing of PAEK components and parts. We would like to hear about the parts that you need to make, and explore how we might help you with our current or future 3DP capabilities.

We are working with industry leaders to create new solutions for additive manufacturing of PAEK. For example, we are currently collaborating with the University of Exeter on R&D in pursuit of the full potential of high-performance additive manufacturing polymers. We are also collaborating with machine makers and customers to accelerate our collective progress.


A complete eco-system to support customer innovation of 3DP functional PEEK & PAEK parts

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