Technical expertise

We can support PEEK in ways no other companies can - from processing to application development.

Proving Concepts and Catalysing Market Adoption

We have taken on the responsibility of not just trying to sell the material based on hypothesis – but deliver the burden of proof that PEEK can actually do a better job and offer value. We are here to catalyze market adoption and to help our customers find new applications as well.

Jakob Sigurdsson, CEO


Coupling Polymer Science and Parts Design 

"Victrex is typically involved at early stages of the development cycle, in the material selection phase. Here we can bring our expertise from a materials point of view, and couple that together with the application development and parts design."

Tony Whitehead, Head of R&D

Partnering for Success

We help our customers bring solutions quickly to the market with our industry experts all over the globe. We collaborate through the whole development process. We also help customers with their LCA (= Life Cycle Analysis) development – reducing CO2 on the total lifecycle.

Michael Koch, Managing Director – Sustainable Solutions

Value Creation in Medical

Invibio was a pioneer as the very first company to make PEEK polymers available for medical devices. our goal is to find areas where our products either deliver a clinical benefit that’s better for the patient or an economic benefit where our solutions might be able to reduce healthcare costs around the globe.

John Devine, Managing Director – Medical

how we work

From Concept to

Through all stages - from your original idea, to the mass production, Victrex has the proprietary capabilities and expertise to support you in the best possible way.


Polymer selection

New polymer development



Prototype development


Testing & Tooling




Production optimisation

Victrex Concept to Commercialisation
Marketing Support

Marketing support 

Regulatory services

Victrex R&D Network

Victrex is headquartered in the UK, with technical and support facilities across

our major geographical markets, giving us global reach for our customers

Victrex R&D Network

With their expert know-how and their focus on solutions, Victrex has been a valuable partner to ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik for many years. We work together to push application boundaries and receive expert support to develop technologically-sophisticated components for drive systems that offer greater efficiency and better performance in the toughest conditions.

Dr. Claudia Stern
Product Manager, High Performance Polymers
ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik

Securing agreements and working closely with key suppliers, such as Victrex, are important factors in enabling us to bring our industry-leading products to market.

Martin Jones
Chief Executive Officer
Magma Global

Securing agreements and working closely with key suppliers, such as Victrex, are important factors in enabling us to bring our industry-leading products to market.

Josh Smith
Chief Marketing Officer
Magma Global

We worked closely with Victrex for more than three years, involving them in every stage of the product development phase through to the qualification. Together, we have successfully delivered an alternative to metal tubing and a next generation solution for commercial aircraft.

Melanie Kastel
Vice President Sales and Marketing
PFW Aerospace AG

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It’s our people who provide the innovations that enable our customers to stay ahead in some of the world’s fastest-moving markets. 

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