Performance meets processability:

Performance meets processability:


Fast and efficient composite manufacturing

Advanced automated tape laying and fiber placement technology combined with VICTREX AE™ 250 UDT is a very attractive combination of performance and processability.

Material Performance

High strength, low weight material with higher damage tolerance vs. thermosets.


Faster lay-down and energy savings achieved with automated production methods.


Well suited for a variety of applications and automated manufacturing techniques.

What we offer

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?

Working together to address the cost, speed and performance challenges of the aircraft industry through innovative composite solutions. 

Not all thermoplastics are the same, material properties differ even within the specific class of high temperature, high performance polyaryletherketone (PAEK) polymers. VICTREX AE 250 for example, has a lower melting temperature (303° C vs. 343° C for VICTREX™ PEEK) which significantly impacts the processability of this material. Our research shows that VICTREX AE 250 unidirectional tape provides a larger processing window which allows improved press consolidation and forming with substantially identical physical and mechanical properties.

Thermoplastic Unidirectional Tapes hold enormous potential for the future of aircraft production. In part because their “standard” width and tolerance metrics bode well for automated manufacturing methods. In addition to the benefits of thermoplastic UD tapes, VICTREX AE 250 UDT has shown to process faster and with less energy than another TP UDT intended for a similar application.

VICTREX AE 250 UDT is a disruptive material, with the potential to reduce scrap rates, cycle times, part count, and buy-to-fly ratios.

With our know-how in the processing and performance of PAEK materials, together we can optimize the design of your next composite component and commercialise your projects faster.

Contact us to start the design of your next composite project with VICTREX AE 250 UDT.

Key Characteristics

VICTREX AE 250 Key Characteristics


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What Makes Victrex AE 250 UDT UNIQUE?

VICTREX AE 250 UDT is a high-performance thermoplastic composite prepreg tape with a 40 C lower crystalline melting temperature at ~ 305 C (vs. PEEK 343 C). VICTREX AE 250 UDT provides mechanical, physical and chemical resistance properties of the PolyAryleEtherKetone (PAEK) polymer family making it a leading combination of performance and processability.

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