What‘s your challenge with film in flexible electronics?

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What‘s your challenge with film in flexible electronics?

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Developmental Biaxially-Oriented PEEK Film for Flexible Electronics

High Temperature Capability, Flexibility and Strength.

Flexible electronics in light of the Internet of Things has been pushing the performance envelope for thin film substrate in emerging applications and processing technologies such as wearables and hybrid systems, encompassing silicon, lithographic and printed electronics. Applications in aerospace, automotive, medical and power electronics can demand more from the substrate than traditional film substrate materials can deliver.

Following  the success of APTIVTM film, Victrex is now developing new technology to make biaxially oriented polyetheretherketone (BOPEEK) film with potential for use as a substrate in flexible electronics applications. The technical paper that can be downloaded from this page presents potential benefits of BOPEEK film based on preliminary data generated from tests* at Victrex. Evaluation samples of the films may be available upon enquiry.

With a temperature capability above 250°C, BOPEEK film made with VICTREXTM PEEK has the potential to provide a bridge between organic and high temperature inorganic oxide technologies, allowing both classes of materials to be processed on the same substrate, with consequent performance advantages and design freedom.

What's your challenge with film in flexible electronics applications? 

*data on file at Victrex, available on request

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Flexible Electronics Technical Paper

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