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Driving towards PAEK innovations

VICTREX™ PEEK polymers: endless possibilities 

PEEK is a largely linear, semi-crystalline polymer widely regarded as one of the highest performing thermoplastics in the world. Compared to metals, VICTREX PEEK-based materials are very light weight, easily shaped, resistant to corrosion and can have considerably higher specific strength.

VICTREX PEEK polymers have prompted advances across multiple industries. They remain, until today, a source of active innovation. A member of the PAEK family of polymers, VICTREX PEEK can help meet rising key engineering requirements in critical components.

How we support research

We are curious to hear about new projects involving PAEKs. Victrex has a focused business strategy which drives our R&D project portfolio in specific directions to challenge the state-of-the-art and develop the products, forms and parts of tomorrow. We selectively support research projects which are closely aligned with our business strategy and thereby accelerate innovation and commercial outcomes. Key focus areas include: polymer chemistry and materials science as well as computational chemistry, simulation and modelling related to polyaryletherketones and PAEK-based composites.


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Our focus is to inspire the next generation of talent by supporting science, engineering, technology and maths (`STEM´) education. 

Information about our apprenticeship programs are periodically posted on the Careers section on the Victrex plc website. 

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