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From the commercialisation of PEEK over 40 years ago, Victrex has continually pioneered new PAEK-based polymer solutions that have transformed markets, delivering global impact in the toughest environments.



Our commitment to innovation shapes everything we do, from 10,000 feet below the sea to 40,000 feet in the air. We aim to solve today’s toughest challenges and look to push design boundaries for tomorrow. We are engineers, scientists, designers and market specialists, all focused on bringing transformational and sustainable solutions to market that address world material challenges. That’s our team, over 900 people every day helping to make a world of difference.


At Victrex, we help to develop new supply chains to address unrealised industry needs and accelerate growth for our customers. Additive Manufacturing and Thermoplastic Composites are examples where we are actively working with a network of industry pioneers in aerospace, energy and medical applications. Please contact us if you’re interested in collaborating on these.

We are also interested in hearing about new PEEK-type projects in renewable energy, electrical vehicles, robotics, flexible and wearable electronics, or medical devices, such as implants or drug delivery.

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Transforming industries

Find out how VICTREX PEEK delivers innovation in focus industries.


Aircraft rely on Victrex solutions.
Aerospace solutions

500+ million

VICTREX™ PEEK based parts in automotive applications.
Automotive solutions

4+ billion

Mobile devices use APTIV™ acoustic film.
Electronic solutions

75+ million

VICTREX™ PEEK seals in use today.
Energy solutions
100+ million
Machines operate using Victrex solutions.
Industrial solutions
~15 million
Implanted devices worldwide use Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymers.
Medical solutions

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