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About APTIV Films

Shaping Future Performance of Film

APTIV film provides unmatched durability and reliability in the most demanding application environments. It incorporates all of the outstanding properties of VICTREX™ PEEK polymer in a thin-film format. Its balance of properties makes it the highest performing, most versatile thermoplastic film available on the market.

APTIV Films properties
Electrical stability

High dielectric strength

Stable dielectric properties

APTIV Films properties
Excellent wear properties

More than 3 times more wear-resistant than PI or PTFE

Limiting Pressure Velocity of 145 MPa-m/min (69,000 psi.ft/min) without lubrication

APTIV Films acoustics
Outstanding acoustic properties

Unsurpassed acoustic fatigue performance

Enables higher output power

APTIV Films properties
Broad chemical resistance

Insoluble in all common solvents

Excellent resistance to acids, bases, lubricants and automotive fluids

Heat resistance
High heat resistance

Relative thermal index rating of 220°C (428°F)

Withstands lead-free solder processing up to 300°C (572°F)

APTIV Films properties
Low moisture absorption

Exceptional retention of mechanical and electrical properties

Very high hydrolysis resistance

Product grades

product grades

Thin, Flexible APTIV Films


APTIV Films acoustics

Thinner, smaller, smarter film solutions

Trends in portable consumer electronics are driving the need for improved sound quality, clarity and performance, with enhanced user functionality in thinner, lighter and smaller products. To satisfy these demands and improve consumer satisfaction with their devices, more design engineers are turning to APTIV DB to achieve the optimal combination of reliability, acoustic quality and compact design.


  • Enhance speaker lifetime by 300% due to improved reliability and durability
  • Increase output power in micro electro-acoustic devices and maintain excellent acoustic properties
  • Optimize resonant frequency and minimize total harmonic distortion
  • Design custom speaker diaphragms using unique processing flexibility
  • Reduce product failures with the ability to design waterproof (IP-rated) micro-speakers

More detailed information can be found in the technical Datasheets


APTIV Films product forms

Film solutions leading to ‘no wear’

APTIV thermoplastic film is the material solution for engineers looking for high performance in wear applications.  Whether it’s thrust washers, bearing surfaces or other high-speed rotating applications, APTIV film provides a higher lubricity, lower coefficient of friction and improved wear beyond other wear-resistant materials and films.


  • Improve component durability with excellent resistance to oils, greases, lubricants, and automotive fluids
  • Reduce system stress with a very low coefficient of friction material solution
  • Increase dimensional stability with very low moisture absorption properties
  • Deliver unique solutions using a  wide range of secondary process operations including slitting, die-cutting and stamping
  • Extend service life with an inherently tough material that has a low wear rate

More detailed information can be found in the technical Datasheets

electrical insulation

APTIV Films product forms

Enhanced efficiency and lifetime in demanding conditions

As operating conditions become more extreme and space more of a premium, APTIV film enables technology and performance enhancements in electrical drive and generator systems. With unparalleled electrical, mechanical, chemical and humidity resistance properties in a single, thin-film format, automotive and energy engineers are choosing APTIV thermoplastic film as a reliable technical solution.


  • Improve safety and reliability with an electrical relative thermal index of 240°C (464°F)
  • Increase power density by maintaining performance in high breakdown voltage after ageing
  • Reduce integrity losses with excellent humidity and chemical resistance
  • Design thinner insulation that can handle a high power density
  • Enhance efficiency and product lifetime through better thermal management
  • Improve the manufacturing process with thin, tough film

More detailed information can be found in the technical Datasheets


APTIV Films product forms

Next-generation thermal acoustic insulation systems

Commercial aircraft manufacturers have fully adopted lightweight, thermal acoustic blanket (TAB) insulation systems constructed with APTIV cover films. The insulation system meets the FAA’s latest flame-spread performance requirements while giving the airlines a lighter weight solution compared to traditional cover films.  APTIV film is capable of providing similar performance to the mass transit and HVAC markets as well.


  • Reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions due to significant weight reductions compared to competitive films
  • Improve reliability with materials that have a proven track record in the aerospace industry
  • Process to custom specifications with films manufactured in widths that meet all aircraft insulation formats
  • Increase durability with films that meet FAA FAR 25.856(a) flame propagation requirements
  • Deliver weight savings with excellent moisture permeation properties in both metallized and unmetallized formats
  • Extend service life with installation and repair adhesive tapes manufactured from APTIV film

More detailed information can be found in the technical Datasheets



Flexibility via a Wide Range of Secondary Processing Capabilities

APTIV film can be processed using a wide range of secondary methods that provide designers and engineers the freedom to take advantage of the high-performance properties of VICTREX PEEK in a thin, flexible format. In addition to in-house capabilities, Victrex has a global network of expert conversion partners that can assist with application development. The APTIV team can help turn your processing challenges into benefits.

Using conventional coating equipment, APTIV film can be coated with a range of materials including silicone and acrylic adhesives, B-stage heat activated adhesives, hard coats and printable top coats for labels.  Surface energy modified grades of APTIV are available to enhance adhesion and enable further coating options. 

A variety of processes can be used to metallize APTIV film including vacuum deposition, sputtering, electroless deposition and direct thermal bonding of metal foils. Numerous metals, including aluminum, copper and stainless steel, can be bound to APTIV thermoplastic film without adhesives.

Being thermoplastic in nature, APTIV PEEK film can be thermally laminated to a variety of substrates such as metals, fabrics and other reinforced and non-reinforced polymer films using batch presses and roll-to-roll processes. Laminate products are developed on an in-house, high-temperature vacuum laminating press system which allows bonding of the APTIV film to the substrate without the use of adhesives. 

When looking to design a custom component, APTIV film can be shaped into a variety of parts using thermoforming processes. Victrex has a thermoforming facility in our technology center in Shanghai, China. This one-of-a-kind center supports APTIV film customers across the world with material selection, prototyping, testing and analysis of your thermoformed product.  We also offer customized processing training to enable production at your facility.

The ability to die-cut and stamp APTIV film gives customers the option to design unique washers, gaskets and parts in different shapes and sizes for use in their products. The majority of processors have used mechanical methods, although laser cutting and water-jet methods have been demonstrated to be very effective with APTIV film.

Whether it be thermal, ultrasonic, or laser, APTIV film can be welded to a variety of substrates. The welding is accomplished by heating the film to the melt point and applying an appropriate level of pressure to bring the molten polymer surface into intimate contact with the substrate.

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