Your Partner in the Future of Flight


Your Partner in the Future of Flight

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 aircraft efficiency


Lift Off with Less

Lightweight VICTREX™ PEEK thermoplastics for more fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly aircraft, faster assembly times, greater reliability and lower operating and manufacturing costs – that’s future performance.
20,000+ aircraft rely on Victrex solutions today
VICTREX PEEK is up to 70% lighter than metals
-45KG from each aircraft in a fleet of 500 can result in up to $5,000,000 in annual fuel cost savings



Working together to solve the toughest aerospace challenges


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Solutions for building fuel-sipping, easy-to-assemble, reliable aircraft

Lightweight VICTREX PEEK solutions improve fuel efficiency

Help save money and the environment by working with Victrex. A fleet of 500 aircraft could realise several potential benefits.

VICTREX PEEK clamps replaced 15,000 metal clamps per plane saving up to $11.55 million in fuel costs and 40,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year
APTIV™ film replaced polyvinyl fluoride thermal acoustic blankets on each plane saving up to $3.3 million in fuel costs and 11,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year 
VICTREX Pipes™ replaced 100 meters of metal tubing per plane saving up to $1.65 million in fuel costs and 5,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year

Enable smarter designs by specifying VICTREX PEEK

Victrex works with you to simplify and standardise aerospace components for enhanced manufacturing efficiency. Our materials offer the design freedom to help consolidate parts for easier installation.

Replace glass/epoxy stand-offs for 75% quicker assembly speeds due to a one-piece design and more efficient bonding techniques

Substitute metal clamps for PEEK clamps to improve installation times by 30% because of an optimised, more ergonomic design

Reduce maintenance requirements with robust VICTREX PEEK solutions

Victrex can help you design for stability in the most extreme aerospace environments. Reduce costly maintenance and downtime with high performance polymeric solutions.

Design components with up to 100x better fatigue performance and up to 5x higher mechanical properties than aluminium alloy parts

Achieve a very low fire, smoke, and toxicity rating whilst offering thermal resistance with no performance loss over 5,000 hours at 260°C (500°F)

Maintain 100% of tensile strength after four weeks in jet fuel at 125°C (257°F); similar property retention when immersed in hydraulic fluid and insecticides at room temperature



VICTREX PEEK has been specified in demanding applications on commercial aircraft for 25 years. We understand that the best solutions come from working together with our customers to define future aerospace performance.