Improve Fab Productivity with VICTREX™
Polymer Solutions

Improve Fab Productivity with VICTREX™
Polymer Solutions

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The recent advancement in technology including the Internet-of-Things is driving a need for more powerful chips with more storage for data.

Coinciding with the need for smaller, faster chips with more storage and functionality, semiconductor industry is moving toward high volume production and shorter time to market.

It is also required to minimize defects while smaller nodes down to 10 nanometres make chips more prone to damage during processing.

With a proven record of success in key semiconductor and fab applications, Victrex helps shape the future performance of semiconductor technologies by offering increased productivity, reliability and reduced risks by lower particle generation and outgassing.

Up to 3% productivity increase
CMP rings made with VICTREX™ PEEK can provide longer operating time, less downtime with up to 3% productivity increase through 2X wear resistance* (*comparison between PEEK & PPS ring)
Faster process

VICTREX PEEK solutions endure fabrication processes where structures are exposed to temperatures up to 260°C (500°F) and harsh chemicals. This enables a faster process by reducing additional time for cooling that may improve fab productivity.
Potential yield improvement

VICTREX PEEK provides benefits including low particle generation and high purity resulting in low outgassing and extractables which may lead to yield improvement in fab.
CMP Retainer Rings
High wear resistance allows CMP retainer rings made from VICTREX PEEK to run up to two times longer than PPS before replacing.
FOUP and Wafer Carriers
FOUP and wafer carriers made of VICTREX PEEK can prevent particle contamination.
Reticle Pods/ EUV Pods
VICTREX PEEK can enable reticles to be stored in the environment with low outgassing and ionic contamination.

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