Pushing Boundaries and Powering the World Together


Pushing Boundaries and Powering the World Together

Watch how to improve reliability and production efficiency


Survive and Thrive in the Extremes

Durable VICTREX PEEK polymer-based solutions that extend the scope of oil and gas exploration and optimize production efficiency in hot, corrosive environments –  that’s future performance.
75+ million VICTREX PEEK seals in use today
40 years of proven performance in extreme environments
VICTREX PEEK 450G is the industry standard high-performance polymer



Collaborating to solve the toughest oil and gas challenges


your benefits

Boosting the performance of downhole equipment and ensuring operational asset integrity

VICTREX PEEK solutions perform in hot and
highly-corrosive conditions

Rely on a proven track record in the most extreme environments when working with Victrex

Stable performance in temperatures ranging from -196°C (-321°F) up to 260°C (500°F) with the capability of withstanding pressures up to 207 MPa (30,000 psi)
Double the lifetime of multi-material sealing assemblies with PEEK thermoplastic solutions that can handle extreme pressures and wear
At 220°C (428°F) and 4.5 MPa (650 psi), VICTREX PEEK 450G retained 100% of tensile strength in seawater, 100% of tensile strength in aromatic NORSOK hydrocarbon fluid, and more than 75% of tensile strength in 100% H2S gas

Increase tool utilization and reduce downtime

Manufacture downhole tools that are stronger and work longer by collaborating with Victrex and taking advantage of our PEEK expertise

The material volume lost due to erosion is 108% less than that of steel in a 24 meters/second jet sand slurry; less than 15 microns of abrasion damage as a liner in a highly-deviated rod pumped well with no rod guides

100% greater pressure handling capabilities, 300x better creep resistance, and 18x higher compressive strength compared to PTFE at elevated temperatures and pressures
No electrical leakage in tool enclosures and electrical connectors enabled by a fully-integrated, robust assembly that eliminates cracking and leaking to ground

VICTREX PEEK meets stringent specifications and is
backed up by documentation

Victrex certifies each material to oil and gas specifications and maintains historical data for full traceability

50 quality control tests are completed on each batch thus ensuring consistent product properties for critical components
Victrex takes pride in steadily manufacturing products to meet oil and gas specifications including ISO:9001, ISO:13845, and NORSOK standards among many others
Customers can rely on more than 35 years of PEEK polymer product and application development support to help them overcome the toughest challenges

Application areas



VICTREX PEEK is specified in high pressure, high temperature and chemically aggressive environments to help our customers differentiate their products from the competition. Our passion to work together to find the best solutions allows Victrex and our customers to define future performance.



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