Victrex named as one of “Britain's Most Admired Companies” by “Management Today”

Victrex has been ranked in the top 25 of Britain's Most Admired Companies [1] and impressively has emerged as No. 3 in the Chemicals sector.[2] The award organised by “Management Today” reflects that the company is closely partnering with customers and research centres, to realise the further potential of the high-performance PAEK polymer and building markets to develop the applications of the future.

“This award directly mirrors the considerable and ongoing efforts of our 900-strong global team and close partners in seeking to building on Victrex’s strong past, to make us an even better company in the future,” said Jakob Sigurdsson, CEO at Victrex plc. ”At Victrex we focus on value creation through PAEK polymers, and we are delighted that the value we create for our customers has been recognised by respected peers and analysts in the UK business community.”

The award is well timed as Victrex is currently celebrating the 40th anniversary of the creation of PEEK (polyetheretherketone) polymer by ICI in 1978.  As the first company to commercialise PEEK, a highly versatile material, Victrex undertook further development, pioneering new polymers that are used in demanding environments. Today, a broad range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy and manufacturing, as well as the medical sector, are all benefitting from the use of this PEEK thermoplastic, which has helped shape the development of the high-performance polymer industry. 

Running since 1990, Britain’s Most Admired Companies is an in-depth and established corporate reputation survey. It is based on a peer-review study of corporate reputation as seen by a company’s close critics – its competitors and financial influencers. Conducted by reputation specialists Echo Research, the 2018 survey involved interviews with 234 board members, analysts and financial commentators. Using 12 criteria, including Quality of Products and Services and Capacity to Innovate, participants rated their sector’s rivals and these scores determined the final rankings.


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