Victrex announces global price increase for VICTREX™ PAEK polymers

Victrex, an innovative world leader in high-performance polyaryletherketones (PAEK), is increasing its prices on average by 6.3% for its VICTREX™ PAEK polymers effective on 15th March 2019, or as contracts allow. 

This price increase is necessary to offset increased raw material costs including key raw material feed stocks such as Fluorspar and Hydroquinone (HQ) which are being seen worldwide and rising energy costs. 

Although Victrex has an ongoing focus on efficiency and productivity, there is no alternative but to recover some of these costs.

Victrex has not to date reflected these higher raw material costs in its industry-leading product lines, and remains committed to providing exceptional quality, technical service and security of supply of its products to customers in key market segments including aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, industrial and medical.

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