Reimagining PAEK to solve different challenges

LMPAEK™ polymers are the latest members of the PAEK family developed by Victrex. Engineering the polymer at a molecular level, Victrex has specifically designed and optimised these products for a wider processing window to enable more manufacturing flexibility, such as thermoplastic composites and additive manufacturing.  With similar attractive benefits to PEEK, such as mechanical and tribological performance, temperature and chemical resistance, LMPAEK™ polymers also offer the potential for faster manufacturing and fabrication of stronger parts using common manufacturing systems.
LMPAEK™ polymers

The light weight and mechanical benefits of composite technology are widely accepted in aerospace, as evident by their steady growth in the manufacturing of aircraft since their introduction.

Composite materials such as LMPAEK™ polymers still have more to offer the industry with system cost reduction and increased throughput, especially with regards to thermoplastic unidirectional tapes, which are well suited to automate composite manufacturing processes.

LMPAEK™ polymers

LMPAEK™ polymers offer new performance options in 3D printing. Until now achieving the desired mechanical properties of PAEK 3D printed parts has been difficult with existing choices, such as PEEK and PEKK. Now, with VICTREX AM™ 200, designers can achieve better prints, less warp and stronger parts.

Available as a Filament, VICTREX™ AM 200 supports increased design freedom, improved economics and accelerated time to market.

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VICTREX AM 200 PAEK Polymer Filament tile
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