Accelerating the Delivery of Medical Innovations


Accelerating the Delivery of Medical Innovations


Medical Materials, Manufacturing and Knowledge

Designing innovative products and improving time-to-market by partnering with Invibio™ Biomaterial Solutions and JUVORA™ Dental Innovations, the pioneers and industry leaders in PEEK-based medical and dental solutions – that’s future performance.


More than 13 million devices using PEEK-OPTIMA™ Polymers have been implanted across a wide range of medical applications

100+ years of combined staff direct medical device industry experience to get customers to market fast

Invibio, the medical division of Victrex, is the only company worldwide to offer 6 differentiated implantable PEEK grades to Spine, Ortho, and Trauma markets



Your partner for enhanced patient treatment options that deliver market growth


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Moving you from concept to commercialization - faster

PEEK-OPTIMA based products aligned to clinician and patient needs

Partner with Invibio and JUVORA to develop products and drive market-led innovations for spine, trauma, orthopaedic and dental applications

Invibio and JUVORA have 100+ years of staff experience in medical devices 
Interactions with hundreds of surgeons and dental professionals annually
PEEK-OPTIMA polymers are used in ~9 million devices worldwide

Differentiated PEEK-OPTIMA grades and manufacturing support expand design possibilities

Collaborate with Invibio to develop devices with optimized properties using cost-effective and precise processing methods. Our products and global regulatory capabilities help fast-track innovation in your implantable devices.

PEEK-OPTIMA Natural is the foundation of the PEEK polymer family while PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced delivers enhanced bone apposition
PEEK-OPTIMA Image Contrast provides solutions for low or high-contrast radiopacity and PEEK-OPTIMA Wear Performance offers low volumetric wear rates
PEEK-OPTIMA Reinforced delivers high strength and low wear while PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced extends the performance envelope with very high strength and fatigue resistance

The art of technology with the beauty of science

Work together with JUVORA on the advancement of lightweight, precise-fitting PEEK-based denture products that improve patient comfort*

Design using CAD/CAM technology and digital processing methods.

* Data at Invibio Biomaterial Solutions

Create precise, patient-specific removable denture frameworks and implant-supported superstructures.
Improve processing efficiency for manufacturers and deliver a more comfortable fit for patients*.



Invibio is the leading provider of proven PEEK-based biomaterial solutions to medical device manufacturers worldwide. For 15 years, Invibio has provided materials, manufacturing and knowledge to help device companies bring innovative medical products to market rapidly.