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Industrial Strength Solutions to Keep Your Machines Working Overtime

industrial and more

Industrial Strength Solutions to Keep Your Machines Working Overtime

Watch how to reduce maintenance costs and downtime


Lightweight Materials for Heavy Use 

Durable VICTREX™ PEEK solutions replacing metals to improve component lifetime in hot, highly-corrosive environments and extend operating cycles by reducing dependency on lubricants – that’s future performance.
Victrex durability
Zero lubrication needed in VICTREX PEEK bearings
78% lower moment of inertia compared to cast iron gears
Twice the operating lifetime of steel bushings



Partnering to turn industrial challenges into real benefits


your benefits

Industrial solutions to enhance performance and productivity beyond the limits of metal

VICTREX PEEK polymers improve the durability of wear components

Work with Victrex to design cost-effective solutions that enhance the performance and lifetime of components

VICTREX PEEK-based seals and guide rings deliver 4x greater durability than PTFE
Increase component lifetime by up to 200% compared to metal
Save $30,000 per maintenance rebuild in turbo compressor seals by eliminating metal chip “blocking” failures which increases operating efficiency by 2.1%

Lightweight VICTREX PEEK gears and moving elements reduce wear and tear compared to metal

Victrex can help you achieve higher operational efficiencies and reduced service intervals with lightweight, low friction, corrosion resistant thermoplastic solutions

68% weight reduction resulting in 78% reduction of the moment of inertia compared to a cast iron gear set

9% less torque required to operate the system and a 3-dB improvement (50% noise reduction) compared to a cast iron gear set
30% lower total system cost compared to stainless steel from reduced wear in beverage filling valve

High-purity VICTREX PEEK polymers meet stringent
food & beverage requirements

Victrex collaborates with customers to deliver polymeric solutions that comply with the latest food and liquid contact standards

Meets essential FDA, 3-A and other agency compliances for food and water contact
Non-corrosive to aggressive cleaning chemicals in heat exchanger scrapers compared to stainless steel
High purity and low moisture absorption is ideal for use in food and water applications



As a product leadership company, Victrex has provided metal replacement solutions in hot, wet, chemically-aggressive industrial environments for 35 years. We are here to help turn your individual challenges into benefits and push boundaries to deliver future performance.