Enabling Cutting-Edge Designs with Innovative Material Solutions


Enabling Cutting-Edge Designs with Innovative Material Solutions

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Creating high performance VICTREX™ PEEK solutions that offer greater versatility, reliability and design freedom for next-generation electronic devices – that’s future performance.

4 billion+ mobile devices rely on APTIV™ acoustic film technology today

$2 million annual savings in wafer fab processing costs with high wear VICTREX PEEK polishing rings
3.5dB noise reduction and 2% efficiency gain with smoother running refrigerator compressors



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Material solutions for delivering next-generation technologies

Shed weight and survive extreme processing conditions with VICTREX PEEK solutions

Work with Victrex to design durable, lightweight structures that offer exceptional corrosion resistance for next-generation consumer electronic devices

Achieve an equivalent stiffness to metals while reducing weight by 20 to 70%
Enable sleek new designs with thin-wall components that can replace or integrate with metals for streamlined manufacturing
Survive anodizing, wave soldering, and other fabrication processes where structures are exposed to temperatures up to 260°C (500°F) and harsh chemicals including concentrated acids, alkaline detergents, caustic soda, H2S gas, and salt treatments

Go thinner while maintaining reliability with APTIV film

Design innovative speaker solutions by partnering with Victrex and our unmatched expertise in providing materials for the latest speaker designs

Improve speaker lifetime by up to 300% due to the superior fatigue performance offered by APTIV film in continuous, high-power reliability tests

Go thinner with tight tolerance Victrex films that can help achieve F0 specification and greater design freedom to minimize total harmonic distortion (THD)

Enjoy quiet appliances by replacing metal with VICTREX PEEK

Heavy metal components can result in loud, inefficient operation. Collaborate with Victrex to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in electronic home appliances.

Improve appliance efficiency by 2% by replacing metal parts with integrated VICTREX PEEK components that can reduce weight by up to 80% compared to stainless steel

Enjoy a 3-dB noise reduction, half the noise to the human ear, when making the switch from metal to VICTREX PEEK

Rely on robust Victrex polymers that show no deformation even when operating in high-speed applications

Victrex solutions for Electronics



With more than 40 years of experience in PEEK polymers, Victrex provides proven solutions for the electronics industry that can be seen in everyday life. We partner with high profile brands and manufacturers to understand the fast-paced market and enhance electronic device performance.