Victrex is a world leader in PEEK and PAEK-based polymer solutions, helping manufacturers overcome complex design and engineering challenges.

Millions of people around the world use products and applications containing our high-performance polymer solutions every day. With every new development, we seek to deliver better outcomes for our customers.

Thinner, smarter, lighter, more fuel efficient and durable; we work continuously to achieve improved economic and performance solutions, guided by megatrends such as climate change, social demographics and technology breakthroughs.

4 billion mobile phones; approximately 9 million implanted medical devices; 500 million automotive applications. The diverse and innovative uses for our PEEK polymer have never stopped growing and evolving.

Victrex at a glance

We help customers deliver new solutions to shape the world we live in, transforming people’s lives and entire industries.

Our focus is on six core markets – aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, manufacturing & engineering and medical – and our connection to global megatrends drives our product leadership and innovation within these markets, shaping new materials, forms and parts.

As the #1 PEEK experts we can advise customers on PEEK in ways no other company can, supporting organisations to accelerate their growth ahead of the market by delivering disruptive technologies.

We aim to help accelerate business success for all, in close collaboration with customers. We can support every stage of component development, from concept to commercialization and may even involve developing new supply chains that will bring solutions to market.

Take a PEEK Back in Time with Victrex

More than 40 years of delivering innovative, high-performance polyketone solutions

Victrex timeline
Polyketone Patent Filed
Polyketone (PEEK) patent filed by ICI in August, first manufacturing batch on November 19, 1978
Victrex timeline
Commercialization of VICTREX PEEK Family
Commercialization of the VICTREX™ PEEK polymer family of products including glass- and carbon-filled products
Victrex timeline
1,000 Tonnes per Annum
Production starts at new 1,000 tonnes per annum manufacturing plant
Victrex timeline
Victrex plc. Management Buy-Out
Victrex plc. management buy-out of the PEEK polymer business from ICI
Victrex timeline
London Stock Exchange Listing
Victrex plc. listed on the London Stock Exchange
Victrex timeline
2,000 Tonnes per Annum
Plant extension to 2,000 tonnes per annum; melt filtration and granular production brought in-house
Victrex timeline
Investment in Monomer Production
First investment in monomer capability for VICTREX PEEK polymer
Invibio Biomaterial Solutions
Invibio Biomaterial Solutions
Invibio™ Biomaterial Solutions created to serve the implantable medical market
Victrex timeline
2,800 Tonnes per Annum
Plant extension to 2,800 tonnes per annum to support continued growth
Victrex timeline
Compounding production brought in-house
Victrex timeline
New High-Temp Polymer, Coatings, and Tech Center
Launch of VICTREX HT™ polymer and VICOTE™ coatings; opening of Asia Innovation and Technology Center
Victrex timeline
New Film Technology and Plant Expansion
Launch of APTIV™ films; new plant increases PEEK polymer production capacity to 4,250 tonnes per annum
Victrex timeline
Opening of Tech Center at Victrex Headquarters
Opening of Applied Technology Center in the UK for enhanced customer support
Victrex timeline
New High-Temperature Polymer and Innovative Wear Grade
Launch of VICTREX ST™ polymer and VICTREX WG™ polymer for improved performance in demanding environments
Victrex timeline
New Pipe and Tubing Line
Launch of the VICTREX Pipes™ product line to deliver durable tubing solutions to customers
Victrex timeline
Japan Technology Center
Japan Technology Center opens to better serve customers in the region
Victrex timeline
Plant Expansion Announced
Plans announced for a new plant to increase production capacity to 7,150 tonnes per annum
JUVORA dental solutions
Premium Denture Solutions
JUVORA™ launched to serve the denture market
Victrex timeline
New Tech Center in the UK
Opening of the new Applied Technology Center in the UK for enhanced polymer developments and customer support
APTIV film plant opening
£16 million APTIV Film Plant Opens
New manufacturing facility for high performance thermoplastic films
Significant step in forward integration
Victrex acquires US gear specialist to offer integrated PEEK-based gear capabilities
Victrex: New PAEK capacity now online
New PAEK capacity online
Victrex successfully commissions the first production stream of its £90 million third PAEK manufacturing plant
Record breaking m-pipe®
Magma and Victrex partnership breaks record of longest m-pipe® subsea intervention line for oil and gas
Magma m-pipe®, made from VICTREX™ PEEK-based solutions, used in next-generation jumper assemblies. © Magma Global Limited
Victrex invests in a minority interest in Magma Global Ltd.
Goal to further facilitate the adoption of Magma's m-pipe® for subsea applications
TxV Aero Composites joint venture
Victrex & Tri-Mack´s combined expertise: total solution provider for PAEK Aerospace composites
Acquisition of fiber manufacturer Zyex
Focus on accelerating development of existing and new markets for PEEK fiber applications
Dedicated PEEK food grade portfolio introduced
Addresses industry performance criteria and compliance requirements for food applications
Innovation never stops: Victrex celebrates 40 years  of PEEK polymer success and anticipates further  huge innovation potential in the future © Victrex
Victrex celebrates 40 years of PEEK success
Jakob Sigurdsson, CEO: “PEEK is an invention that inspires others to invent.”
Surface Generation PtFS Mould Tool (C) Surface Generation
Victrex invests in state-of-the-art technology with Surface Generation
Injection and compression molding technology expected to benefit Victrex’s selected ‘parts’ programmes
Fine detailed porous structure printed in VICTREX™ PEEK using BOND3D technology © Bond High Performance 3D Technology
Victrex and Bond pioneer 3D printing for PAEK parts
Victrex commences a multi-million Euro investment in Bond to accelerate 3D printed PAEK/PEEK parts to market