Mission: Improving Performance


Mission: Improving Performance

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Driving High Performance Automotive Solutions Together

Cost-effective VICTREX™ PEEK polymer components enabling greater fuel efficiency, durability and driving comfort – that’s future performance.

Lower CO2 emission through part consolidation in vacuum pumps

Reduction (3dB) in noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in VICTREX PEEK gears compared to metal gears
Lower cost with VICTREX PEEK valve cones vs. stainless steel due to simplified fabrication process



Understanding the market to solve the toughest automotive challenges of today and tomorrow


Your Benefits

Small components designed to deliver big contributions

Get on the road to no wear with VICTREX PEEK

Partner with Victrex to develop cost-effective solutions that improve reliability, reduce recalls, and increase warranty periods

Achieve 4x longer component lifecycles vs. PTFE in seals, guiding rings and bearings
Save up to 80% on valve cone costs vs. conventional stainless steel due to a simple fabrication process
More than 10x the durability of polyamide with no deterioration in bearing applications

VICTREX PEEK can make the difference in CO2 emissions and MPG

Design more environmentally-friendly automobiles by working with Victrex to reduce part complexity for greater efficiency gains

2% lower CO2 emissions by combining vacuum and oil pump functions
78% lower moment of inertia vs. metal gears, thus reducing the amount of power required to operate the system
9% increase in overall system efficiency when using VICTREX PEEK gears

Re-thinking technologies with VICTREX PEEK for the
optimum passenger experience

Victrex’s unmatched technical expertise results in smarter product designs that enable enhanced safety and greater driving comfort

50% reduction in noise when specifying VICTREX PEEK gears instead of a grey cast iron gear set in a balance shaft module
More than 200 million drivers rely on VICTREX PEEK-based ABS/ESC brake components
Ensure a pleasurable driving experience with transmission seals that can cope with high torque engines and support smooth gear shifts in fractions of a second under full load



For more than three decades, Victrex has collaborated with innovative automotive companies to deliver high performance thermoplastic solutions. We listen to your needs and work with you to push boundaries and improve vehicle performance.