VICTREX AE™ 250 Composites

VICTREX AE™ 250 Composites

Learn about the benefits of the hybrid moulding technology


Changing the Equation in Aerospace Composites

New composite material solutions and game-changing hybrid moulding process delivering an unmatched combination of cost reductions, weight savings, design freedom, strength and production speed in next-generation components—that’s future performance.

Improve Aircraft Efficiency by Reducing Weight and System Costs

Reduce system costs and optimize your buy-to-fly ratio whilst increasing throughput vs. metal and thermosets
Improve installation times vs. metal components through smarter designs and parts consolidation
Achieve up to 60% weight savings vs. metal for increased fuel efficiency and CO2 emission reductions

Efficient Designs for Optimal Performance

Achieve lower total system costs vs. metal and thermosets through parts consolidation, recyclability and lower energy requirements
Reduce cycle times vs. metal and thermosets due to out-of-autoclave processing on existing equipment and elimination of secondary operations
Up to 5x higher specific strength vs. metal with potential of 60% weight savings; higher damage tolerance vs. thermosets

Maximise Part Production Efficiency

Parts can be produced in minutes vs. the hours it could take for a metal or thermoset equivalent
Use VICTREX AE™ 250 composites as inserts with existing injection moulding equipment
Out-of-autoclave processing, 100% recyclable and unlimited shelf life

Application Areas

Application Areas


Stowage bins, Lavatories

Windows, Sidewalls


Leg Support, Spreaders

Arm Rests, Meal Trays


Support brackets, Clamps

Mounting brackets, Housings

fuel systems
Fuel Systems

Mounting brackets, Clamps

Fuel pump brackets, Housings


Support Brackets, Mounts

Clamps, Housings

system attachments
System Attachments

Primary/secondary structure

Brackets, Clamps

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