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Future mobility requires new approaches in design and sustainable material selection, driven by the need to increase vehicle range, reduce cost, enhance driving and charging experience – all with without compromising on reliability and safety.
Explore how VICTREX™ PEEK based e-motor solutions can outperform traditional materials in 800V motors and support your sustainability goals, and why collaborating with our dedicated e-mobility team can help accelerate your e-motor projects.

VICTREX XPI™ PEEK Magnet Wire Insulation

To cope with higher voltage (800V) platforms and SiC and GaN switching technologies, requirements for e-motor insulation become more demanding. The new VICTREX XPI™ polymer grades are designed to meet all extrusion wire manufacturing processing needs and offer a combination of excellent electrical, mechanical, high-temperature and chemical resistance performance for e-motor magnet wire to enable reliable insulation.
High-voltage electric motor with VICTREX XPI PEEK magnet wire coating

A unique combination of properties - specifically designed to solve the demanding challenges in high-voltage e-motor insulation

The new VICTREX XPI™ polymer grades are designed to meet all extrusion wire manufacturing processing needs and offer a combination of excellent properties for high-voltage e-motor magnet wire to enable reliable insulation performance, extended vehicle range, reduced cost and faster charging for high-performance motors.



Chemical Resistance

Outstanding resistance to chemical attack from a wide range of materials including ATFs and dielectric fluids even in 800V vehicle voltage systems, supporting reliable performance


Electrical Performance

Proven dielectric properties with high breakdown voltage, partial discharge inception voltage (PDIV), resistivity, low permittivity and loss etc.

Temperature Resistance

Excellent thermal endurance and stable operation from -40°C up to 260°C 


Mechanical Strength

Dedicated range of product grades with excellent strength, stiffness and ductility properties to meet the requirements in high power density e-machines



VICTREX XPI PEEK polymer is REACH compliant, recyclable and solvent-free, eliminating the need for hazardous solvents used in enameled magnet wires


Thermal Conductivity

VICTREX XPI PEEK polymer has around 2x the thermal conductivity of other super engineering polymers (e.g. PI)

Advanced APTIV™ film electrical insulation for e-motor slot liners

APTIV™ film electrical insulation solutions provide improved thermal conductivity over traditional laminates. With a thin film format they can help e-motor manufacturers increase copper density and improve thermal management. 
Peek ploymer
APTIV film slot liners enabling increased copper density in high power density e-motors

Greater power density

  • 40% thinner film format enabling
  • 2% increased copper content and
  • 5% increased continuous torque output

in a same size motor

APTIV film slot liners enabling improved thermal management in high power density e-motors

Improved thermal management

The excellent thermal conductivity of APTIV™ film enables improved thermal management and reduction of peak winding temperatures by 2-3 °C vs. Meta-Aramid/PET laminates

APTIV film slot liners enabling reduction of e-motor bill of material in high power density e-motors


offering a potential reduction of 6 USD per e-motor in a smaller motor with same power output by reducing axial length (less utilisation of rare earth magnets)

All statements based on simulation work courtesy of Motor Design Ltd. using Motor-CAD v9.3.1 -  replacing 250 micron Meta-Aramid/PET laminates with 150 micron APTIV film slot liners

Why Victrex?

From the commercialisation of PEEK over 40 years ago, Victrex has continually pioneered new PAEK-based polymer solutions that have transformed markets, delivering global impact in the toughest environments.

Our commitment to innovation shapes everything we do, from 10,000 feet below the sea to 40,000 feet in the air. We aim to solve today’s toughest challenges and look to push design boundaries for tomorrow. We are engineers, scientists, designers and market specialists, all focused on bringing transformational solutions to market that address world material challenges. That’s our team, over 900 people every day helping to make a world of difference.

VICTREX™ PEEK solutions for e-mobility

VICTREX PEEK insulated bearings

Electric Motor Bearing Insulation

Reliable insulation of bearings is key to ensure efficient performance over the component lifetime. Using VICTREX™ PEEK to overmould bearings helps address reliable electrical insulation of large or small bearings and potentially reduces component cost.

Battery Bus Bars

Battery Bus Bars

Bus bars are a safety critical component and key for system efficiency & reliability in EV batteries, e-motors or power electronics. They need to perform in the most demanding environments. VICTREX™ PEEK offers a combination of excellent temperature performance and electrical properties to ensure durability as well as extended flammability resistance. 

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