PEEK Materials

Replacing metal and other polymers to address increasing performance requirement

PEEK Materials Properties Guide

VICTREX PEEK polymer provides exceptional performance over a wide range of temperatures and extreme conditions. It is a linear, aromatic, semi-crystalline polymer widely regarded as one of the highest performing thermoplastics in the world. It provides a unique combination and range of high performance properties.

VICTREX PEEK polymers have prompted advances across industries. They remain a source of active innovation. As a metal replacement solution, these high-performance polymers help meet key engineering requirements in critical components.

A multi-talent with proven performance

PEEK polymers are well suited for extreme and demanding environments, whether in the form of powder, pellets, or compounds or forms and parts. The light thermoplastic can support multiple requirements at the same time – to solve material limitations in applications, often replacing metals, and to meet cost-efficiency and sustainability needs. 

High Temperature Performance

Excellent high temperature performance, with glass transition temperatures ranging between 289ºF - 324ºF and melting temperatures between 649ºF - 729ºF.


Low Smoke and Toxic Gas Emission

Inherently flame retardant without the use of additives. Low toxicity of combustion gases.

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Chemical Resistance

Withstands a wide range of acids, bases, hydrocarbons and organic solvents

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Mechanical Strength & Dimensional Stability

Excellent strength, stiffness, long-term creep and fatigue properties.


Exceptionally low outgassing and extractables

Hydrolysis Resistance

Low moisture absorption, resistant to steam, water and sea water, with low permeability

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Electrical Performance

Electrical properties which are maintained over a wide frequency and temperature range.

Wear Resistance

High abrasion and cut through resistance combined with a low coefficient of friction.

Environmentally Friendly

Lightweight, fully recyclable, halogen free, and RoHS compliant.

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Ease of Processing

One of the highest performing melt processable materials available today using conventional thermoplastic processing equipment.

Why victrex paeks?

• Unique combination of properties
• Extensive grade range
• Processed using conventional equipment
• Conforming to global approvals & specs
• Product consistency
• Security of supply
• Supported by technical experts globally
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Transforming Industries

Aligned to global megatrends and fuelled by our product leadership strategy we strive to bring innovative solutions to our focus markets, shaping new materials, forms and parts.


Aircraft rely on Victrex solutions.
Aerospace solutions

500+ million

VICTREX™ PEEK based parts in automotive applications.
Automotive solutions

4+ billion

Mobile devices use APTIV™ acoustic film.
Electronic solutions

75+ million

VICTREX™ PEEK seals in use today.
Energy solutions
100+ million
Machines operate using Victrex solutions.
Industrial solutions
~15 million
Implanted devices worldwide use Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymers.
Medical solutions

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Victrex solutions deliver exceptional performance in extreme environments, helping customers solve critical challenges that go beyond current material limitations, typically replacing metal.

Victrex focuses on PEEK & PAEK polymers, considered the world's highest performing thermoplastics

PEEK Forms

Manufacturing product forms: Pipes, Films, Fibres and Composite tapes

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