The Next Dimension of Thermoplastic Composites

The next dimension of thermoplastic composites

VICTREX AE™ 250 LMPAEK has a lower melting temperature (303° C vs. 343° C for VICTREX™ PEEK) which significantly impacts the processability of this material. When combined with hybid overmoulding technology it helps address the cost, speed, and performance challenges of the aircraft industry through innovative composite part solutions.

Delivering improved performance

Delivering aerospace composite solutions with potential to reduce scrap rates, cycle times, part count, and buy-to-fly ratios.

Cost reductions

System cost reductions can be realized by reducing manufacturing time and scrap, eliminating secondary processes, and designing integral functionality into the part.


Design freedom

Combining the mechanical performance of fibre-reinforced composites with the design freedom of injection molding polymers allows for the design of complex parts, with good mechanical performance previously not thought possible.


Weight savings

Hybrid solutions can deliver weight savings up to 60% compared to metal alternatives. Tailored designs offer equivalent or better mechanical properties such as strength, stiffness, and fatigue.


Part count consolidation

The design freedom made possible through innovative materials and manufactures enables engineers to think differently about design. Expanding the design window to parts integration can lead to reduced part count.


Process optimization

Combining advanced process control techniques and state-of-the-art automation to achieve unrivaled production speeds without sacrificing quality.


Customized properties

Delivering repeatable high-quality custom PAEK laminate and preformed inserts manufactured to your specification.

“The original idea was to create a sort of center of excellence where you could do all of the design and engineering, get tools built, make prototypes and, ultimately, produce commercial parts.”

Jonathan Sourkes -
Victrex Head of Sales for Aerospace

Article from CompositesWorld Magazine

Design guidelines
Designing hybrid parts with VICTREX AE 250 LMPAEK has the potential to reduce scrap rates, cycle times, part count, and buy-to-fly ratios.
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Press release
Victrex and Safran Cabin to launch flexible composite platform for multiple aircraft bracket projects.
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Are we entering a new era for thermoplastic composites?
Technical paper
VICTREX AE 250 LMPAEK unidirectional tape provides a larger processing window which helps improve press consolidation and forming.
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