VICTREXTM PEEK bearing solutions can enable wind turbines to produce more power and less downtime through improved reliability.

VICTREX polymers in bearing cages improves energy efficiency and reliability

Replacing metal friction components with VICTREXTM PEEK Polymers enables

  • Improved fuel efficiency through friction loss reduction
  • Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) reduction (up to 50%)
Automotive gear made with VICTREX™ PAEK polymer
Million Gears
in automotive applications made with VICTREXTM PEEK

From Victrex medical division, Invibio's PEEK-OPTIMATM polymers for implantable devices address the increasing need for joint replacement and enhanced clinical benefits in the ageing global population. Application areas include dental, spine, trauma, knees, and others.

Trauma fracture plate made with Invibio Trauma device technology
12+ Million Implanted Devices
worldwide use Invibio PEEK-OPTIMATM polymers

Replacing metal aero parts with thermoplastic composites enables

  • Improved fuel efficiency (up to 60% weight reduction)
  • Parts integration and lean manufacturing
Aero structural bracket made with Victrex Composites Solutions
20,000+ Aircraft
Have Victrex solutions onboard

Applying APTIVTM PEEK film in mobile device acoustics enables

  • Higher power, enhanced
    reliability & miniaturisation
  • Greater design freedom
4 billion mobile devices use APTIV™ PEEK film
4+ Billion
Mobile Devices
use APTIVTM Acoustic Film

Applications made of VICTREXTM PEEK polymers keeps your equipment working overtime in the most critical environments

  • Proximity sensor housing
  • Rotor shaft bushings
  • Gear solutions
  • Compressor solutions
Proximity sensor housing using VICTRE™ PEEK polymer
100+ Million Machines
operating using Victrex solutions

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