Victrex PEEK Polymers deliver proven performance

VICTREX PEEK is regarded as one of the highest performing engineering thermoplastics in the world. It has more than 40 years of proven performance in demanding environments, and Victrex customers can benefit from its high performance properties and our unmatched technical expertise.

Work with the Victrex technical team to spur innovation and speed up application developments.

How PEEK polymers work
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A multi-talent with proven performance

PEEK polymers are well suited for extreme and demanding environments, whether in the form of powder, pellets, or compounds or forms and parts. The light thermoplastic can support multiple requirements at the same time – to solve material limitations in applications, often replacing metals, and to meet cost-efficiency and sustainability needs. 


High temperature performance

Suitable for continuous-use temperatures up to 260°C (500°F). Glass transition temperatures up to 170°C (338°F)


High wear resistance

Low coefficient of friction. High abrasion and cut-through resistance.


Mechanical strength and dimensional stability

High strength and stiffness in demanding conditions. Excellent long-term creep and fatigue properties

Chemical Resistance Icon showing a conical flask

Resistance to harsh chemicals

Withstands a wide range of acids and bases and shows excellent performance in hydrocarbons and organic solvents.

Lightning bolt in a circle

High electrical integrity

Consistent properties across a range of frequencies and temperatures. Insulating, conducting and static dissipative materials.


High purity & bio inert

Resistance to gamma and electron beam radiation as well as transparent to X-rays.

Process with ease when specifying VICTREX PEEK high-performance polymers

VICTREX PEEK polymer is capable of being processed on conventional thermoplastic equipment. Unfilled and filled grades may be supplied in the form of granules, powder or ultra-fine powder. Granules are generally recommended for injection moulding, extrusion, monofilament and wire coating operations. Powder is used for compression moulding whilst fine powders are generally used for coating processes and composite pre-preg manufacture.

Most standard reciprocating screw injection moulding machines are capable of moulding unfilled and filled VICTREX PEEK grades. Complex and intricate high performance components can be mass-produced without annealing or conventional machining. Victrex technical experts can assist with design and process variables such as machine design, barrel capacity, screw and mold design and gating.

VICTREX PEEK thermoplastics can be used in extrusion processes and equipment including wire coating, profile extrusion, film, pipe, sheet and monofilament production. Unfilled and filled grades are readily extruded using conventional melt processing technology. Our highly experienced technical team can help define the machine design and address any processing challenges. 

Compression moulded parts are generally more crystalline, have a higher modulus and tensile strength and are harder with a lower ductility. Glass and carbon fibres may be combined with VICTREX PEEK for compression moulding. Our technical team recommends that our customers anneal parts with very thick sections to relieve stresses.


Work with the Victrex technical team to spur innovation and speed up application developments. Our experts are able to assist with the various stages of the application lifecycle from selecting a material to supporting the production of a final part. Our experience in this field gives us a wealth of knowledge you cannot find anywhere else.
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