How to design innovative drug delivery devices with PEEK

Unlock the potential of PEEK in your next drug delivery device


In this webinar, Victrex joins forces with Tricas to review the potential performance enhancements that VICTREX PEEK - a high performance polymer - can bring to commonly encountered design challenges in drug delivery devices. Victrex is the #1 PEEK expert and has a range of polymer solutions that are suited to both implantable and non-implantable components within drug delivery devices.


We will look at innovation in two areas of drug delivery and medical devices: connected diabetes monitoring and insulin dosage control through the skin, and respiratory & inhalation devices.

Join the webinar live to learn:

  • - Mechanical properties of PEEK that appeal to engineers, pharma and patients
  • - Electrical integration for connected devices
  • - Biocompatibility of high performance polymers
  • - Processing and moulding options


This webinar is for design engineers, product and marketing managers, and those interested in developing next generation medical devices.

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