Real Change Starts from the Inside

No matter how far digital technologies advance – from the Metaverse, VR, AR, Web3, AI… – the user experience will always be supported by electronics devices. Most Victrex solutions in the electronics space are not obvious and visible at a glance – because they are typically used in components deep inside devices and machines – or in semi-con manufacturing, where Victrex solutions are used in the fabrication process. But by having these components smaller, thinner, lighter, smarter – can open up possibilities for new design, create new user experience, improve manufacturing efficiency, save more energy, and more. 


Next Generation Electronics

VICTREX PEEK for Next Generation Electronics

The combination of VICTREX™ PEEK’s multiple properties brings durability, reliability and design freedom for next generation electronics – enhancing home appliance to wearable experience, boost connectivity, and more….

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