Victrex and UK Chancellor George Osborne celebrate opening of new film plant

High performance polymer solutions provider invests in new facilities at UK headquarters.

Victrex and UK Chancellor George Osborne Celebrate Opening of New £16 million APTIV™ Film Plant

High performance polymer solutions provider invests in new facilities at UK headquarters.

APTIV film plant opening
Chancellor George Osborne, Tim Cooper MD of Victrex Polymer Solutions, Paul Maynard, MP for Blackpool North & Cleveleys

Thornton Cleveleys (UK) – A new manufacturing facility for high performance thermoplastic films was officially opened last week by UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. Victrex, a world leader in high performance polymer solutions has invested £16 million to increase its capacity to supply APTIV™ film, a success story for the company, with good growth in recent years. 
Across key industries like aerospace, automotive or electronics the demand for the versatile, extremely thin and durable thermoplastic film is continuously rising. Victrex made the strategic investment in the new facility, including a second film production line, to meet future growth. This is also driven by trends in portable consumer electronics to improve sound quality, clarity and performance, with enhanced user functionality in thinner, lighter and smaller products. Already today, the thin, tough and flexible film is used in millions of smartphones´ speaker diaphragms, but also in aerospace applications, and in electrical drive and generator systems in the automotive and energy sector. 
Cutting-edge polymeric solutions and further new facilities
Tim Cooper, Managing Director of Victrex Polymer Solutions, who hosted the Chancellor´s visit, said: “Victrex is a growing UK export champion and we were delighted to welcome the Chancellor to unveil our new £16 million polymer film plant, which has helped create high quality UK jobs. Whilst 97% of our sales are from outside the UK, we have a strong track record of investing and creating jobs here and, being at the forefront of UK science and innovation, we have stressed the importance of promoting science and engineering skills in the future.”
Victrex is also investing £90 million in its third PEEK manufacturing plant at its Hillhouse facility, Thornton Cleveleys, UK. The plant is due to start commissioning in early 2015 and has helped create over 20 jobs.
During the visit by George Osborne discussions also centred around the Chancellor’s plans to increase infrastructure investment in the North of England, as well as science and engineering skills – something close to Victrex’s heart as it ensures it has the skills to maintain its technical excellence for customers into the future.


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