35+ years of proven performance   


35+ years of proven performance   

Wear performance in challenging thermal and chemical environments

Driven by stringent requirements in the energy industry for longer-life parts and reduced downtimes, VICTREX WG™ compounds help decrease maintenance costs, lower material weight, reduce noise levels and decrease or eliminate lubricants.

Designed for higher temperature tribological applications requiring high strength and stiffness, VICTREX WG low friction materials can provide lower wear rates and a reduced, and very stable, coefficient of friction to meet customer requirements for wear at higher speed and load application performance in challenging thermal and chemical environments.
  • Extend Service Life - Extensive tribological testing over a variety of wear geometries, supported by feedback from customers demonstrates that they can provide higher reliability, longer life and reduced risk of failures for components operating in extreme environments and this increases the operating range of machines at higher speeds and pressures.
    • Lower abrasion, reduced failure rate - 25-75% lower wear rate
    • Parts run cooler - 50% lower coefficient of friction
    • Lighter - Higher stiffness at elevated temperatures allows same performance at lower thickness
  • Processability - VICTREX WG grades are melt processable with standard injection moulding equipment and require no post processing and machining, meeting the need for economical processing and lighter weight components.
    • Fully recyclable
    • Excellent melt flow
    • No post-processing

Applications for Low Friction Materials

  • Sealing systems
  • Bearings & cages
  • Pump Rotors & impellers
  • Wind turbines
  • Compressors
  • Drilling components
  • Bushings and wear rings
  • Trust washers


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Why Victrex?

VICTREX PEEK polymer is a high-performance thermoplastic with a unique combination of properties well suited for the demanding needs of the energy industry. A trusted material solution for over 35 years, Victrex has worked alongside industry experts for more than three decades to design systems that will survive and thrive in the most extreme environments. Long-lasting and efficient equipment comprised of proven polymeric solutions that help reduce downtime and risk — that’s future performance.

Pushing the Boundaries of Performance


VICTREX WG polymer compounds extend the fit of VICTREX PEEK polymer in demanding wear applications providing a low, stable coefficient of friction and excellent wear resistance in high pressure, high-velocity applications.

Benefits of VICTREX WG Compounds:

  • Thrive in extreme wear environments with excellent abrasion resistance
  • Dimensionally stable across a range of temperatures which enables tighter tolerances and potential efficiency gains
  • Improve durability with excellent resistance to a wide range of chemical species
  • Deliver a smooth, low friction surface which can run in non-lubricated environments helping to prevent galling and seizing

Testing Beyond NORSOK M710

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