Victrex Membranes

Victrex Membranes

Victrex Membranes Intro

Solvent stable and temperature resistant filtration solutions from Victrex

Flat sheet PEEK membranes for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nano-filtration may meet the increasing requirements of the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and fine chemical refining industries. PEEK membranes deliver solvent stable and temperature resistant (up to 220C) performance for micro and ultra-filtration. Nano-filtration solutions are also possible. PEEK membranes are currently available in 10nm, 100nm, and 200nm cut-offs in 25mm and 47mm cut discs filters.

Benefits of VICTREX PAEK-base Membranes*

  • Sharp cut-offs for a high degree of specificity, protecting your valuable sample
  • Stable cut-offs, with an increased degree of solvent and temperature stability
  • Improved hydrophilic behaviour over hydrophobic PTFE membranes
  • Works in standard disc membrane fixtures, unlike ceramic filter discs

Stable in many aggressive solvents


Operating temperatures up to 220ºC

<100k Da
<100k Da

Dialysis cut-off < 100k Da, filtration < 100nm

*Data on file at Victrex

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