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Reliable and efficient VICTREX PEEK-based solutions for renewable energy application

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Supporting the transition to renewables

Victrex has a history of successfully developing high-performance wear and sealing components for multiple industries which face similar needs for reliability, long service life, lighter weight, and improved operational efficiency.

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Extend the scope of oil & gas exploration

Durable VICTREX PEEK polymer-based solutions can optimize production efficiency in hot, corrosive environments
With over 40 years of experience, Victrex can support the development of the next generation of wind turbine components
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hydrogen tank
The future of hydrogen: Why VICTREX PEEK is anticipated to support energy transition to hydrogen
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The wind energy market is faced with three critical challenges that push the limits of metal in demanding turbine applications
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Making the choice to specify metal alternatives like VICTREX PEEK polymer allows engineers to enjoy greater design freedom and improved performance in harsh operation conditions

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