News & Events

Catch the latest news or stop by our booth to learn about our innovative, next-generation solutions

News & Events

Catch the latest news or stop by our booth to learn about our innovative, next-generation solutions

Victrex - Christies Charity Walk

Victrex Goes the Distance to Find a Cure Victrex Goes the Distance to Find a Cure

With employees gathered from all over the world, the Victrex team made it a priority to put business aside to support an organization that fights against an ailment that has affected so many of our loved ones.

03 December 2012
Victrex - Dexmet Mesh

APTIV™ Film Enables High Performance Filtration APTIV™ Film Expanded Mesh Enables High Performance Filtration in Harsh Environments

Other materials provide excellent temperature and chemical resistance but none match the mechanical strength provided by the expanded APTIV films. With the continual increase in demands on filter performance, VICTREX PEEK-based PolyGrid is the solution to meet the critical performance challenges.


Victrex: New Plant Early 2015 to Boosts Capacity for PAEK Polymers Victrex Announces New Plant for Early 2015 - Substantially Boosts Production Capacity for VICTREX™ PAEK Polymers

This new capacity will add 2,900 metric tonnes (MT) of polymer output annually and will come on stream in early 2015. Total annual production of VICTREX PAEK polymers after completion will then stand at more than 7,000 MT per annum.

Victrex - AES_Speaker Diaphragms_APTIV films

APTIV™ Films For High Quality Speaker Membranes APTIV™ Films Increase the Reliability and Durability of Speaker Membranes in Portable Electronic Devices

Membranes made from APTIV films increase speaker lifetime by up to 300%, helping manufacturers and consumers avoid the frustrations of membrane distortions and ruptures that can be found when using traditional materials.

18 October 2012
Victrex - Powertrain Components

VICTREX PEEK Polymer: Reliable, Fuel-Efficient Automotive Components Lightweight Transmission and Engine Components Made From VICTREX PEEK Polymer Increase Performance, Improve Fuel Economy

Compared to metals, VICTREX PEEK polymers provide up to 80% in weight savings in powertrain components such as seal rings, thrust washers, bushings, bearings, shift fork wear pads, and gears.


Victrex Appoints Nova Petrene as its Exclusive Distributor for Brazil Victrex Appoints Nova Petrene as its Exclusive Distributor for Brazil

Choosing Nova Petrene as an extension of our business makes strategic sense because of their proven track record that spans more than 20 years in the high performance polymer market as well as their ability to drive new business development.

12 September 2012
Victrex - 90 series

VICTREX™ 90-Series: Lightweight Polymers for Critical Components VICTREX™ 90-Series PEEK Polymers Can Reduce Weight and Improve Reliability in Critical Components

VICTREX™ 90-Series high flow PEEK polymers were developed specifically for thin-walled, intricate component applications and offer higher mechanical properties with improvements in modulus, toughness, and coefficient of thermal expansion.

Victrex - TISSA

For Improved Efficiency of Manufacture: TIXPREF™ Composite Fabrics Enabling 65% Fibre Content, Innovative TIXPREF™ Composite Fabrics Greatly Improve Efficiency of Manufacture

TISSA TIXPREF™ composite fabrics made out of unidirectional tapes impregnated with VICTREX™ PEEK help reduce cycle time by up to 50%.

Victrex - Radiall_SMPM

Connectors: Improved Insulator Based on VICTREX™ PEEK Radiall SMPM Connector Offers Improved Insulator Based on VICTREX™ PEEK Polymer

VICTREX PEEK is a thermoplastic polymer that combines outstanding mechanical properties and chemical resistance even at very high temperature. Because of its robustness, ease of processing, as well as the cost efficiency of injection molding, VICTREX PEEK is an ideal high performance material for demanding electronics applications.

Victrex - Melling Sliding Bushing

Lifetime Increase: Sliding Bushing made of VICTREX™ WG™ VICTREX™ WG™ Polymer Increases Lifetime of Sliding Bushing in Automotive Water Pump Impeller

The VICTREX WG polymer used to injection mold the sliding bushing is specially formulated for higher speed/higher load applications. It is easily processed and affords excellent part-to-part repeatability.