food contact

Next-generation food-grade PEEK polymers,
so everything tastes exactly as it should

food contact

Next-generation food-grade PEEK polymers,
so everything tastes exactly as it should

Watch how we help you make the grade
Our solutions are regulatory compliant for food contact
Fully Recyclable, Halogen Free, RoHS and REACH compliant


Make the grade, taste the benefits

VICTREX FG™ meets even the most stringent food grade material
requirements (including safety, quality and regulatory compliance) within this
industry – ensuring that customers only taste what they are supposed to taste.
Increase in lifetime for oven conveying, reducing both downtime and maintenance costs

Lower component cost. Reduce component cost and improve performance by replacing machined metal parts with VICTREX™ food-grade PEEK.


VICTREX food-grade PEEK excels in high temperature environments, delivering up to 2x drier capacity vs PPS.



Partnering to turn food contact challenges into real benefits



Commercial and domestic

  • Ovens
  • Cookware, fryers and rice cookers
  • Fridges
  • Beverage dispensers

Food manufacturing process line


  • Conveyor systems
  • Aseptic processing and packaging
  • Bottling and filling lines
  • Meat, poultry, fish and dairy
  • Filtration
  • CIP equipment



With more than 40 years of experience, Victrex serves a diverse range of markets and with PEEK offers proven solutions backed by unmatched knowledge and experience. Leading companies partner with Victrex using our food-grade polymer to drive new technologies and shape future performance.



VICTREX FG™ series of VICTREX™ PEEK products are certified to major regional food contact regulatory standards*. Safe in the knowledge that our food-grade materials comply with the strictest regulatory requirements, the portfolio offers design freedom to product managers, designers, engineers and plant managers.

Want to know more?

Download the VICTREX FG™ brochure here and learn how VICTREX FG™ meets the most stringent food contact material requirements of the industry


Regulatory Certificates

Not all PEEK is the same. VICTREX FG™ food grade polymers are certified against specific food and water contact regulations. For more information and to view certificates click the link below.


‘Three things to consider for reliable, regulatory-compliant food applications’

Download our latest whitepaper highlighting the potential that modern food-grade materials have in helping address some of the challenges faced today by food processing and handling equipment manufacturers.


40% increase in lifetime for oven conveying

Exposure to high temperatures invariably occurs during the processing of food as the ingredients are cooked, preserved or dried.

One manufacturer uses VICTREX™ PEEK in its range of food processing belts which are used in aggressive food cooking environments. Here, excellent wear, product release, mechanical properties and high temperature performance are required, which our food-grade polymers can easily manage. The coated belts produced with our food-grade PEEK polymers provide increased wear and abrasion resistance, improved cut-through resistance, increased puncture and impact resistance, as well as non-stick properties. 

When these properties are combined with improved dimensional stability, resistance to oils and grease, and continuous temperature resistance up to 260°C (500°F), the belt’s life can be increased by up to 40%, reducing both downtime and maintenance costs of the line³.

VICTREX FG™ Datasheets

Victrex provides the material data that you require when choosing a high performance polymeric solution for your next development. Click the link below to view the Technical Datasheets for the VICTREX FG™ Family




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* Specific details available upon request