Your partner in future performance


Your partner in future performance


Leading the Way to Improved Performance

Victrex is focused on delivering value for our customers through innovative, high performance polymeric solutions. Our track record that consists of more than 40 years of research and development pioneering new PEEK polymer grades provides us with a wealth of knowledge that distinguishes us as a solutions provider. 

We would not have been able to accomplish all that we have without the help of our customers. Victrex has gained expertise by partnering with industry-leading companies to understand and create solutions that address industry megatrends and define future performance.

Code of Conduct


Doing the Right Thing

Our ethical principles are set in our Code of Conduct and underpin the way we do business and treat one another. Our Code sets the foundations of how we act personally, with others and in our communities. Our continued success as a business rests on maintaining these principles and ensuring we strive to always: Do the Right Thing.

Working with the Best

Working with the Best

Defining Future Performance by Working Together

Victrex is honored to have collaborated with some of the most distinguished companies from the aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, industrial and medical industries over the years. As the world leader in high performance PEEK solutions, we are the only manufacturer able to provide customers with decades of aromatic polyketone expertise and know-how to help in the development of next-generation technologies. 

We Anticipate

Victrex listens to and learns from the best—our customers. Our job is to make sure that we provide high-quality products and support to solve the toughest challenges. We can help our customers reach new performance levels.

We Advise

Victrex is the only PEEK manufacturer in the world that can call on more than 40 years of experience across a broad range of markets and applications. We are more than a supplier—we are a collaborator. Our passion is to work with customers to define future performance.

We Enable

Victrex is the largest and only vertically-integrated polyketone supplier in the world. Our guarantee to our customers is realized through the consistent delivery of high-quality products. Our stable supply chain can help put your mind at ease.