Making a Difference


Making a Difference

We are proud to be responsible for many innovations and world-leading firsts that have shaped the advanced materials industry. We were the first company to commercialise PEEK, which was invented 40 years ago and the first to develop medical implantable PEEK polymers, in 2001. We continue to shape new materials, parts and markets for the benefit of our customers and society as a whole.


We are focused on PEEK and PAEK high performance polymers, for six core markets. Through our product leadership strategy and our continuous investment in anticipating market needs, we pioneer solutions wherever thermoplastic polymers can deliver a strong advantage.

We help customers solve challenges in extreme environments with options that go beyond current material limitations, typically metal replacements. Our goal is to give engineers greater design freedom, with significant weight reductions, improved performance, lower costs and other characteristics that can address the most demanding and complex design and engineering challenges.

Accelerating success

We collaborate with customers and partners throughout the value chain, to accelerate business success for all. Our dedicated investment in state-of-the-art technical and manufacturing centres provides expertise and support worldwide. We work with industry bodies to help define standards for new applications of PEEK, as well as collaborating with research institutes at the forefront of PAEK development. Bringing this kind of disruptive technology to market, we work with customers to help develop new supply chains, providing fully integrated parts development, from conception to production, and delivering faster time-to-market.

Victrex invests ahead of demand. Our decades of proven performance as the #1 PEEK expert are being extended from polymers to value-adding forms and parts, always with a focus on our six key markets and global megatrends. Victrex is the largest and only vertically-integrated polyketone supplier in the world, helping companies deliver new solutions that will shape the way we live and work together.

Innovation with imagination

Climate change, social demographics and technology breakthroughs are examples of the global megatrends reshaping our world. We apply new thinking that challenges the status quo, finding new ways to solve complex design challenges, with game-changing solutions that inspire breakthroughs using material science.

Whether we are working with partners to establish new supply chains, or collaborating with universities and researchers, we are driven to bring disruptive technology to our customers, empowering innovation, transforming markets and new growth.