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Victrex plc to open Japan Technology Center


Victrex Japan Technology Center Entrance

Tokyo, Japan - As part of the company’s commitment to provide enhanced service to, and support the growth of our existing and new customers in Japan, Victrex plc (CEO: David Hummel, Headquarter: Lancashire, UK) announced to establish the Victrex Japan Technology Center (JTC), starting operation from October 24, 2011, along with the relocation of the Victrex Japan office in the same premises.

JTC provides technical support for our existing and new Japanese customers and end users in all industries with particular emphasis on automotive, mass transit, electronics and alternative energy industries, together with the emerging aerospace industry. JTC’s technical support includes designing and processing support for the customer’s development programs as well as analysis and performance testing of their products. Victrex has introduced the Suzuki friction/wear tester for the first time, to respond to the increasing demand for product performance evaluation under lubricated environment, from customers in the automotive industry. The injection molding machine offers support for prototyping and optimizing customer tools as well as enhancing Victrex’s in-house molding capability. These capabilities enable evermore rapid response to customer demands for high quality technical service to our Japanese customers. In addition the JTC will allow Victrex Japan to work closely with existing and new customers to assist in the design and development of unique value added solutions to meet their unmet needs.

Dr. Masakazu Tanaka, JTC Technical Service Manager commented “Our Japanese customers, in automotives, electronics, and many other industries, are always in demand for higher level of product quality and performance. We are committed to establish agile supporting system here in Japan focusing on our domestic customers for providing product evaluation, analysis, and customized testing, unique to individual application with full confidentiality. JTC’s capability will be further integrated to the existing technical centers within the Victrex organization: VATC (Victrex Applied Technology Centre) in Lancashire, UK, and AITC (Victrex Asia Innovation and Technology Center) in Shanghai, China, for comprehensive support”.

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