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Bearings made of Carbon Fibre Reinforced VICTREX® PEEK Polymer Improve Wear and Friction Performance


Bearings made of Carbon Fibre Reinforced VICTREX® PEEK Polymer Improve Wear and Friction Performance

Hofheim/Taunus – Victrex Polymer Solutions, a division of Victrex plc and world leader in polyaryletherketones including VICTREX® PEEK polymer, announced that CirComp GmbH, a Kaiserslautern-based manufacturer of fibre composite components, has developed a new generation of carbon fibre reinforced VICTREX PEEK polymer-based composite friction bearings DW 710 which are optimised for resistance against shock and wear promoting longer service life and increased reliability.

“By combining CirComp´s core competence in the development and production of composite friction bearings with Victrex’ extensive knowledge in VICTREX PEEK polymer we are delighted that we can now bring to the market carbon fibre reinforced VICTREX PEEK polymer-based friction bearings with outstanding properties in shock and wear resistance. By using the friction bearings our customers will benefit from reduced energy costs and lower maintenance costs,” explained Dr. Ralph Funck, CEO CirComp.

VICTREX PEEK polymer was selected to replace thermosets as the matrix material in the design of the DW 710 bearings for its high temperature performance, with glass transition temperatures ranging between 143ºC - 162ºC and melting temperatures between 343ºC - 387ºC, and a unique combination of performance properties including outstanding wear and chemical resistance and high mechanical strength. As demonstrated in comparative testing, by simultaneously making advances in its manufacturing process and selecting a premium raw material such as VICTREX PEEK polymer, CirComp reduced the coefficient of friction and thus the bearing friction of the new VICTREX PEEK thermoplastic continuous carbon fibre reinforced bearing DW 710 by 28 percent and wear reduction by as much as 68 percent when compared with thermoset bearings. The measured coefficient of friction of the friction bearing DW 710 is also about 25 percent lower than traditional thermoset continuous carbon fibre reinforced bearings with CNT (Carbon Nano Tubes) filling providing less energy consumption and longer service life. With the combination of endless carbon fibres and VICTREX PEEK polymer the friction bearings offer outstanding dimensional stability up to 260°C making this new type of friction bearing well suited for use in harsh environments.

“In addition, DW 710 friction bearings provide excellent dry running characteristics and can be used in operation after lubrication system failure making DW 710 friction bearings and ideal solution for use in pumps and construction machinery as well as in mechanical engineering and shipbuilding or in offshore and onshore facilities to reduce maintenance and increase reliability,” added Funck.

About CirComp

CirComp GmbH develops and manufactures composite parts. It uses CNC controlled filament winding processes to produce a variety of components, such as tubes, shafts, tension & compression bars, rollers, pressure vessels, masts, separating cans, torsion shafts and friction bearings made of advanced composite materials. This involves the use of high-quality carbon, glass, aramide and basalt fibres in combination with thermosetting plastics or thermoplastics. CirComp can rely on its long standing experience and expertise in fibre composites.

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