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Victrex Enters into the Indian Market and Appoints Padmini Petroplast as its Partner Company


Padmini Petroplast Appointed Distribution Partner in Rapidly Emerging India Market

Mumbai, India - Victrex Polymer Solutions, a division of Victrex plc, has appointed Padmini Petroplast Pvt., Ltd. Mumbai, India as its distributor partner to enter into the market in India and expand its VICTREX® PEEK polymer business.

India is an emerging and rising market in the world of today, and is very strong in automotive, industrial, textile and nuclear industry. Victrex had set up an official branch in Mumbai earlier this year to concentrate on new market development but due to the vast territory, found that it was necessary to set up a distribution partner to effectively cover the entire region.

Beginning January 2010, Padmini Petroplast Pvt. Ltd. will work as distributor of Victrex. The company which has its headquarters in Mumbai, and sales offices throughout India, is well positioned to cover the country and help create awareness and identify new applications for VICTREX PEEK polymer. Padmini’s core strength is in the automotive, textile and industrial markets.
“India is a very big country and many foreign companies are coming in. We view this as an advantage since many Indian customers are looking for foreign suppliers and partners, and we see this partnership with Victrex as an opportunity to realize synergies to grow in the market. We see a lot of potential to grow the market for VICTREX PEEK in India,” said Prakash Shah, Managing Director of Padmini.

With a partner local to the region, Victrex has the opportunity to grow its business and take advantage of market opportunities. For example: compression molding is one of the key industries in India, local molding processors machine the parts and export to Asia, Europe and the US. “By leveraging Padmini’s experience in dealing with engineering plastics, we expect they can secure a high level of VICTREX PEEK polymer business.” said ST Namgoong, the Marketing Manager of Victrex Asia Pacific. “With the infinite potential in the market and the strong support from Padmini, we expect that our business will grow fast after several years of investment in India.”

About Padmini Petroplast Pvt., Ltd.

Established in year 1999, Padmini Petroplast is dedicated to sales & distribution of engineering thermoplastics and is an authorized distributor of thermoplastics. For more information, please visit

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