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VICOTE® Coatings

High temperature resistant PEEK coatings for strength and durability

Eco-friendly VICOTE® coatings, available in powder and aqueous dispersions, deliver resistance to high temperatures, exceptional scratch and wear resistance, high strength and durability. Whether applied to industrial, oil and gas, automotive, food processing, semiconductor, electronics or pharmaceutical parts, VICOTE coatings are a great choice for engineers looking to improve the wear performance and life of the coated part in their applications.

VICOTE coatings were developed to fill the performance gap found in many existing coating technologies today. They offer a unique combination of properties to help processors and end-users reach new levels of cost savings, performance, and product differentiation. Victrex’s PEEK-based VICOTE coatings can be applied using electrostatic, thermal spray or conventional dispersion spray techniques.

Benefits of VICOTE Coatings

  • Improve product performance and functionality
  • Extend application life
  • Improve wear performance
  • Reduce systems cost
  • Facilitate design freedom
  • Achieve product differentiation